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2014 Spring NABC Dallas Vanderbilt: QF Boards

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Daily Bulletins and Results

March 28th: Vanderbilt 2014

Here are some favorable boards of the QF winners.

The Lynch team defeated the Fleisher team by 142-103 to arrive to the Vanderbilt 2014. 

Lynch Team Nº5: Carolyn Lynch, Scottsdale AZ; Mike Passell, Las Vegas NV; Bart Bramley, Dallas TX; Lew Stansby, Dublin CA; Cezary Balicki, Smolec Poland; Adam Zmudzinski, Katowice Poland

Fleisher Team Nº4: Marty Fleisher – Chris Willenken – Zia Mahmood, New York NY; Chip Martel, Davis CA; Michael Rosenberg, Cupertino CA; Steve Garner, Chicago ILVanderbilt 2014, Tab 54

Board 54 (Segment4/4)

Stansby opened 1, 10-15, and his partner’s 2 were Drury, in their system= 3 cards or 4 cards support (with no short), in both cases with an inviting hand.

South introduced his diamonds and y Stansby showed a minimum hand opening ([ilink url=»»]Rule of Twenty[/ilink] ) and asked for help for his second suit.

Rosenberg supported his partner diamonds and Bramley with Q J x closed the spade game. Rosenberg led the A and continued with another diamond, declarer ruffed and continued with the spade finesse, losing in South. Willenken switched to a club, Stansby won with dummy’s Q, play two trump rounds, ending in dummy. Declarer continued with the Q, winning the trick and the J. Now South covered with his K, Stansby played the A and when he saw the 10 over the table claimed 10 tricks.

At the other table Zia in West, also opened with a 1 bid and his partner also used the Drury convention, but Zia’s 2 closed the bidding.

In another semifinal the Gordon team defeated 162-137 the Fireman team.

Gordon Team Nº11: Mark Gordon, Purchase NY; Alan Sontag, Gaithersburg MD; David Berkowitz, Boca Raton FL; Michal Kwiecien, Lublin Poland; Jacek Pszczola, Chapel Hill NC; Pratap Rajadhyaksha, Venice FL

Fireman Team Nº30: Paul Fireman, Chestnut Hill MA; Gavin Wolpert, Jupiter FL; John Kranyak, Las Vegas NV; Vincent Demuy, Palm Beach G FL; John Hurd, New York NY; Joel Wooldridge, Astoria NYVanderbilt 2014, Tab 53

Board 53 (Segment 4/4)

Pepsi in North chose to pass and Kranyak in East opened with a 2 preemptive bid, South vulnerable showed his strong hand and red suits with a 4 bid, North continued with a spade cuebid showing slam interest, and closed the diamond slam when his partner with no club stopper had to bid 5.

Demuy led a spade, declarer won the trick with dummy’s A, played a diamond to his A, and continued with the Q. After a small club by West he covered his queen with the A and pitched his second club in the K to continue with a heart to the A and a heart ruffed, returned to his hand ruffing a club and another heart ruffed, when East overruffed he claimed 12 tricks.

At the other table, North opened 1 and the N/S = Wooldridge -Hurd partnership only played 5 and although they made 12 tricks, they lost 13 IMPs.

In another of the semifinals the Nickell team prevailed over the Mahaffey team, 149 to 92. Vanderbilt 2014, Tab 22

Board 22 (Segment 2/4)

 After East pass, Smirnov in South opened with a 1 bid and Meckstroth overcalled 1, Rodwell aggressively support his partner’s spades with a 2 cue-bid. 

Meckstroth’s 2, was an artificial voice, showing game interest.

Rodwell informed his partner about his minimum cue-bid with a 2 bid, but after a second West’s game try with 2NT showing good club stoppers,  Rodwell decided that game was a good move.

The trump lead, very quickly locate the Q for declarer, winning the trick with his A, to continue playing the A and a heart to dummy’s 10, Smirnov covered with his K. Piekarek won the diamond swith with his 10, and returned another spade.

Meckstroth won in his hand with the J, played the J, Piekarek covered with his Q, and declarer won the trick with dummy’s A, to continue pitching his third diamond in the Q. Afterwards he ruffed a diamond, played a last trump round, ending in dummy with the K and in the 9 he pitched a club, the club continuation gave him his 10th trick and 10 IMPs for his team when E/W at the other table only played 1NT. Vanderbilt 2014, Tab 32

In the last semifinal the Monaco team, 2013 Vanderbilt Champs, defeated the Gromov team 150 to 56.

Monaco Team Nº1: Pierre Zimmermann – Franck Multon – Fulvio Fantoni – Claudio Nunes – Geir Helgemo – Tor Helness, Monaco

Gromov Team Nº 8: Andrew Gromov – Aleksander Dubinin, Moscow Russia; Agustin Madala, Buenos Aires Argentina; Norberto Bocchi, Barcelona Spain; Krzysztof Buras, Warszawa Poland; Grzegorz Narkiewicz, Bielsk Poland

Helgemo opened 1 and Gromov in North interrupted with a 2 preemptive bid, Helness doubled and his partner invited to play in NT with a 2NT bid, finally H-H chose to play 3NT. The spade lead, was covered with dummy’s Q, K and A. The hand is easily made because South has all the honors …so at the end declarer only lost, one heart, one diamond, one club and one spade.

At the other table Madala-Bocchi chose to play 4. Madala as declarer in West received a small spade lead from Fantoni in North (early in the bidding he had shown his spades with a 1 bid over Madala’s 1 opening bid). Declarer played the Q, Nunes his K and Madala won with the A. In the 2 continuation, he could watch North’s 10, he played dummy’s J and South won the trick with his A to return the 3.

Madala passed the test when after a while, he played his 4, winning the trick with dummy’s 5 but that wasn’t enough..He won his diamond return with his Q, played K, and Q and played a little diamond. Fantoni won with his J, switched to his Q, Madala won with his A, played the A and he gave up…


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