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March 22th, 2014: Bathurst, Hurd ahead in Kay Platinum Pairs


Kevin Bathurst and John Hurd will start play today in the final two sessions of the Norman Kay Platinum Pairs with a lead of 8.34 matchpoints on a top of 13. Close behind are the new partnership of Martin Fleisher, 2013 Player of the Year, and Chip Martel, newly elected to the ACBL Bridge Hall of Fame. Jill Meyers, also recently elected to the Hall of Fame and longtime partner Mitch Dunitz are only about 1 matchpoint out of second.

istor and Iulian Christian
Radu Nistor and Iulian Christian

Romanians triumph in Lebhar IMP Pairs: Two friends from Romania who played together for the first time at the Spring NABC posted two big sets in the final of the Lebhar IMP Pairs to win by more than 12 IMPs, an impressive margin. The winners are Radu Nistor, who has lived in Edison NJ for about a month, and Iulian Christian, who lives in Bucharest. The young players make their living playing bridge. Second place went to two Danes, Hans Christian Graverson and Henrik Casperson.

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