Nordic Junior Pair Championship / Nordic Junior Camp

16th – 20th april 2014

The Swedish Bridge Federation and the Nordic Bridge Union hereby invite your juniors to participate in the 2014 Nordic Junior Pair Championship and Junior Camp.
16/4 20:00 Junior Camp, tourneys
17/4 09.00 Junior Camp, tourneys
18/4 09.00 Junior Camp, tourneys and lectures
  20.00 24 boards Closing Camp/Pre Championship
19/4 09.00 Junior Pair Championship starts
20/4 09.00 Championship continues
  18.30 Closing Ceremony, Prize giving

The Camp/Championship will be held in Örebro at the Scandic Örebro Väst,

 Actual Registrated Teams

# Team and Players Names
1 Hel Sponsor Sökes
Kent Maltein, Eva Gunnarsson, Suzanne Lemborn, Erik Gulliksson, Jens Brodin
Tommy Gunnarsson, Joachim Börgel, Magnus Hultman, Tommi Ramstedt
3 Bohuslän-Dal
Louise Klang, Lars-Olov Lindström, Clas-Göran Anderson, Gerd Holmedahl
4 Huvet – de skäggiga
Börje Rudenstål, Ola Stavås, Magnus Göransson
Sune Fager, Ulf Nohrén, Rolf Scherdin, Rune Pettersson, Daniel Eriksson
6 Team G-son
Johan Göransson, Arne Blomqvist, Lars Kennethsson, Robert Frank
7 Harris
Jonathan Harris, Steve Capal, Steve Root, Andrew Sobell
8 Argentina
Alejandro Scanavino, Fernando Scanavino, Felipe Ferro, Gabino Alujas, Carlos Pellegrini
9 Fem på nya äventyr
Johnny Östberg, Sven Åke Bjerregård, Christer Bjäring, Anders Morath, Tommy Gullberg

Entries are made to your own NBO no later than 28/2 2014. Please ask your NBO for more information. NBO:s should report their entries to the Swedish Bridge Federation no later than 6/3 2014. NBO:s should send their entries to .

Travel subsidies
Participants in the Junior Camp from all EBL federations with less than 500 members will get travel subsidies to help stimulate entries from these countries, note that Finland also will get these subsidies. How these funds will be divided is depending on how many participants we will get from these NBO’s. The distribution of these funds will be made after the camp/championship. No player can get more than 300 euro.

Juniors from all countries are welcome to participate in this event. And your partner in the championship does not have to be from your own country!

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