Cavendish 2014

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September 1st 2014

Positions at the end of the first day: EIDI and REAL Mano a Mano

Positions 1 to 8   Positions 9 to 16
1 67,53 Eidi
2 67,48 Real
3 66,21 Vainikonis
4 60,96 Mahmood
5 59,32 Mossop
6 54,00 Zimmermann
7 49,67 De Botton
8 48,96 Alineo
  9 48,54 PRI Investment
10 47,33 Semenov
11 46,48 Ireland
12 46,00 Wigoder
13 41,18 Levy
14 33,96 Ward-Platt
15 33,41 France Ladies
16 28,97 Maamarbachi

In the last round of the day only 5 pairs of the 16 participating teams, declared a cold, 26 honor points slam.

SjoertBrink & BasDrijver
Sjoert Brink & Bas Drijver

Let’s see what happened in the table where Drijver – Brink played the board: Cavendish 2014 Tab 18

 Nowosadski passed and Brink opened with 1NT. Kalita Passed and Drijver first move was a spade transfer.

 After his partner’s 2 spades rebid, North jumped to 4 hearts showing a hand: short in hearts, with 6 or more spade cards and with slam possibilities.

 Brink revalued his hand, and as he had three cards support including the king, with no heart losers after his partners rebid, he asked for keycards.

 When Drijver informed him about his two keycards plus the trump queen he declared the spade slam.

With the same sequence Skrzypczak J.-Gierulski B. arrived to the same contract. Other pairs that played the slam were Robson-Forrester, Semenov-Kholomeev, Gautret-Mus.

These were their fans celebrating: