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The 52nd European Team Championships will be held in Opatija, Croatia from Saturday 21st June to Tuesday 1st July it will be held at:  Sport Hall MARINO CVETKOVIĆ.

Format:  The Championships consist of 3 Series:  Open, Women and Seniors

The Open Series will be played as two round-robins:  In the first round-robin the teams will be divided into two groups in accordance with their ranking in the preceding 3 European Team Championships and will play a complete round-robin within their group with 3 matches a day of 16 boards (New – in place of 20).

 At the end of the first round-robin the 9 best ranked teams from each group will qualify for the second round-robin. The other teams finish the Championship at that stage. Each team qualified for the second (final) round-robin will play a 16 board match against each of the 9 teams from the other group.

The Women’s Series will be played as a single complete round-robin with all teams playing each other. The matches  will be of 16 boards (New – in place of 20). The round-robin will be played over 10 days with 2 or 3 matches a day.

The Seniors Series will be played on 7 days. The matches will be of 16 boards(New – in place of 20).

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