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Thinking Bridge: Phoenix NABC 2nd Day

In each of examples, you are always West leading a spade, an unbid suit, against a suit contract.

Pensando Bridge: Phoenix NABC 2ndo Dia

En cada ejemplo, UD siempre es Oeste y sale jugando una espada, un palo no nombrado, contra un contrato a palo.

Thinking Bridge: Phoenix NABC 1st Day

During each day of the NABC, Eddie Kantar, one of the best American bridge authors, explains one bridge hand, this is the first of them.

Pensando Bridge: Phoenix NABC 1er Dia

Durante cada dia de los NABC, Eddie Kantar, uno de los mejores autores de bridge norteamericcanos, explica una mano de bridge. Esta es la primera de ellas.

Bridge & Humor: Snoopy and Woodstock

Snoopy and Woodstock were made Honorary Life Masters by the American Contract Bridge League, the only two players to have ever been so honoured.

Bridge & Humor: Snoopy & Woodstock

En 1997, la American Contract Bridge League, ACBL, nombro a Snoopy y Woodstock; Honorary Life Masters. Ellos son los dos únicos jugadores que han sido honrados de esta manera.

Bridge & Humor: Why is Bridge Better than Sex?

Partner doesn't become upset about people you played bridge with long ago.

Alejandro Bianchedi Interview

Meet Alejandro Bianchedi the brand new member of the Lavazza team. You will have the opportunity to see him play in a few days ... Watch his video report by Fernando Lema.

Reportaje a Alejandro Bianchedi

Conozca a Alejandro Bianchedi el novisimo miembro del Lavazza team. Tendra la oportunidad de verlo jugar en solo unos dias...Vea el video-reportaje que le hizo Fernando Lema.

Fulvio Fantoni Reports from NABC Phoenix 2013

After winning the silver medal in Italian Cup 2013, yesterday we reached Phoenix for the NABC.

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