Argentina faced Hungary in the final for the 2013 Cup Internationals Junior White House. They played three sets of 14 boards each. Argentina won the first set 49-16, but Hungary added various IMPs in the second set. The third and final set started with Argentina 74-Hungary 47 … and ended with the victory for Argentina 111-68.

 Argentina:  Maximo Crusizio/Rodrigo Garcia da Rosa, Kristoffer Hege-Kristian, Stangeland (Norway), substitute: Bob Drijver

1st Set (14 boards)

 Board 5: Garcia da Rosa opened 1, Crusizio begun showing his hearts, but when Rodrigo le showed his two coloured hand: diamonds-clubs, closed the club game. Declarer didnt have any problem to make 12 tricks, ruffing diamonds in dummy.

 At the other table Hegge playing for Argentina, opened his hand with a 1 bid and destroyed all possible comfortable communications between E/W. East passed, after South pass, West reopened the bidding with a Double, and East passed. Now South redoubled asking his partner for another suit. Hegge chose hearts, and again West reopened with double. East only said 2…final contract…declarer also made 12 tricks…and 6 IMPs for Argentina.

  Board 7 was a double digit swing for Argentina. After two pass, North opened 1 and Rodrigo entered the bidding with a risky 1NT, his partner with 10 PH said 3NT.

Although a diamond lead defeats the contract, the young argentine declarer received the 9 lead. North won the trick with the A, Garcia da Rosa unblocked the J. Wagner continued with the J, declarer won with the Q. Rodrigo played a spade, North played a little one, winning the trick with the Q to continue with a to the J. North again played a little one…

 Now declarer played his clubs and continued with a spade. North had to win, played his A, but declarer claimed the rest. At the other table the young players from Hungary only played 1NT making 2. Another 11 IMPs for Argentina.

Another important swing for Argentina was board 10:

East opened 2, South passed, West looked for his partner minor with a diamond call, his very nice clubs made him think that diamond was his partner’s minor. North informed his nice heart suit, East corrected to spade confirming his clubs. Now South doubled for penalties, and West escaped to a club contract. South didnt let the bidding die and finally  N/S played 4. The lead was a diamond, declarer only lost 1 diamond, a diamond ruff and the trump queen.

 At the other table things were very different.

Garcia da Rosa passed his hand, and Fischer in South opened 1 when Wagner answered 2, Fischer showed his minimum hand with a 2 call, but closed the game in 3NT when his partner showed his second suit, diamonds.

Crusizio lead the 10, and declarer couldnt make his contract. 13 IMPs for Argentina. Next board was a spade game, made for Argentina, and one down for Hungary.

The set ended: 49 a 16.

In the second set Hungary recuperated some IMPs, the match was 74 for Argentina and 47 for Hungary.

Third Set:

  The very first board gave 3 IMPs to Argentina and board 30 was the first was the first major imbalance in favor of the gauchos of the pampas. East opened 1, Fischer sitting  South entered the bidding with a 1 call, finally E/W declared a game in hearts.

 South intervention generated a spade lead, and declarer made his contract, winning the lead, playing trumps and pitching two losers in dummy’s spades.

 At the other table, the same contract but with a N/S silence. Garcia da Rosa lead a club and the four first tricks were for the defense, one down and 11 IMPs for  Argentina.


  Board 37 was the last two digit swing for Argentina:

Hegge in East opened a very young 2, and after a South double, West shut N/S communication declaring the spade game, that South doubled.

Fischer lead his A, and changed to the K after his partners signal. Declarer won with the A, played a spade to the A, a heart to the A and another trump, Wagner won with his K, South pitched a club. Wagner continued playing his last trump. Declarer won in his hand to continue playing a club. South won with his Q and played a diamond, declarer ruffed in dummy, played a club to the 10, and a trump, South very squeezzed couldnt play: club nor diamond, nor heart…he chose a diamond and declarer claimed his contract.

At the other table, after two pass, Crusizio opened 1, Konkoly mentioned his hearts, Garcia de Rosa passed. When East showed his spades, South doubled showing extras and continued to double till the bidding arrived to 3, final contract.

Declarer won his contract but lose 10 IMPs. Next board: Crusizio-Garcia Da Rosa made a non vulnerable heart game, in the other room was played only a partscore…with the last two boards Hungary added 3 IMPs but they could not stop   Argentine-Norway victory.

Our most sincere congratulations for a job well done!