logo Federacion Latvia de Bridge  The 2013 Vilnius Cup Festival started August 29th with these tournaments: Commercial Pairs and Mixed Pairs. As each year many of the best european partnerships are part of the field.

 September 1 2013

 Team Real won the 2013 Vilnius Cup Team event. Team Real: Alexander Dubinin, Andrey Gromov, Eugeniy Gladish & Mikhail Krasnoselski, runner up was Team Kalida:  Janusz Kalida, Apolinary Kowalski, Lech Ohrysko and Jerzy Russyan.

 August 30th 2013

 The VILNIUS CUP – Open Teams

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August 29th

The partnership from Russia: Eugeniy Gladish and Mikhail Krasnoselskiy won the Commercial Pairs, the runner up were also from Russia Alexander Dubinin and Andrey Gromov. All Results [button link=»http://mczaja.w.interia.pl/vilnius/W-13vilcom.html» size=»small» window=»yes»]Click Aqui[/button]. All the Mixed Pairs results, [button link=»http://mczaja.w.interia.pl/vilnius/W-13vilmxt.html» size=»small» window=»yes»]Click Aqui[/button].