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2013 Monaco Cavendish: 4th Pairs Session

23 de Octubre: At the end of the third Cavendish Pairs session, in the Open GAWEL Wojciech- JAGNIEWSKI Rafal lead the field. SMEDEREVAC Jovi and NEVE Joanna lead the Ladies Cavendish.

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These are some boards of the 4th, 10 boards session.

Board 14

Ventin – Wrang very quickly arrived to the diamond slam. Declarer played the heart jack over the heart lead and when South played his queen won the trick with his king, he continued with another heart to dummy’s ace and finessed diamonds…North won with the queen.

North returned a diamond, Ventin won the trick in dummy and played spade A and K and ruffed a third spade, noticing South’s queen, so he ruffed his heart loser, played a club to his hand played a diamond and claim….

 17 pairs played the slam… 12 couldnt made it…

Board 20

East opened 1 strong club and West showed his weak hand with his 1 diamond response, Jassem continued showing his heart suit, and now Nunes doubled showing his strong hand, Fantoni showed weakness with his spade call and East said 1NT showing stoppers, Nunes pass waiting for his partners decision. Many asked themselves why didnt West correct to 2 hearts…Fantoni let them play it.

Declarer went three down… vulnerable…2 hearts would have saved them some points, even they didnt made their contract.

At the end of the 4th session: GAWEL Wojciech- JAGNIEWSKI Rafal continued leading the field, second were Gromov – Dubinin, Duboin-Ferraro third. In the Ladies Cavendish SMEDEREVAC Jovi and NEVE Joanna continued first, second were Frey-Hugon.


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