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2013 Argentine Trials. The Gran Final.

Last Results:

Open 6º      Total Acumulado
Rizzo         78      29 59    64       
Angeleri    5 33     6     25 withdraw   69
Hector Camberos, Carlos Pellegrini, Pablo Lambardi, Pablo Ravenna, Leonardo Rizzo and Gabino Alujas


Ladies 6º      Total Acumulado
Boldt 25     34      39        11        18       37 164
Previde 32 20  36  52 51 37 228
Marisu Iacapraro-Matilde Espiasse, Jose Maria Rueda-Cecilia Previde and Analia Smalinsky-Irene Elkin

The definition of the Argentina team that will represent the country in the next Sudamericano de Bridge Angra 2013 was in its final stage. The first stage was the Teams Trials and the winners were: Hector Camberos, Pablo Lambardi, both GMS (Grand Master Sudamericano), Pablo Ravenna (MS), and the National Masters, Carlos Pellegrini, Leonardo Rizzo and Gabino Alujas in the Open category and Silvia Boldt, Maria Elena Iacapraro, Gloria Iribarren and Charo Garateguy in the Ladies category.

Between Thursday 25 and Sunday 28 October, took place the second stage: a Pairs Trial, the winners: Jose Maria Rueda-Cecilia Previde, Marisu Iacapraro-Matilde Espiasse and Analia Smalinsky-Irene Elkin in Ladies and Ricardo Angeleri-Marcelo Villegas, Juan Manuel-Santiago Rueda, Leonardo Feugas-Gerardo Siano in the Open category.

On the weekend of 3 and 4 November this teams were playing the last stage, the Grand Final: six sets of 16 boards each, which was transmitted by BBO for all the Argentine bridge fans. In the first of these matches in the Open category Rizzo team sat at a table: Camberos-Pellegrini and Alujas-Ravenna. The Angeleri teamwas represented by: Angeleri-Villegas and Feugas-Siano.

  The first important swing was Board 3, when the Angeleri team in one room played 4 vulnerable and scored 680. In the other room when the Rizzo team arrived to the same contract, the No Vul opps decided a 5 sacrifice that cost them 1100= 12 IMPs.

Gabino Alujas lead a heart, Ravenna won with his A and returned the 3 (asking for a club), West ruffed and returned a club. Ravenna won with his K (showing the A) and played the 10 showing spades values. Gabino ruffed, played the A and another for his partner’s K, that continued with his A. Declarer ruffed and continue playing trump, now he knew he was going to lose the king trump for a total of 5 down and 9 IMPs for the opps.

The next important swing was after two boards when a competitive auction ended in a too expensive score.

  In one room the Rizzo team in N/S bidded and made 3.  In the other room South opened 1NT and his partner answered with a Stayman 2. Ravenna interrupted with 2 and North reopened with a 3 call. Villegas didnt pass and when West doubled the 5 contract, switched to 5 but  Gabino penalized this contract too.

 Ravenna lead the K, and declarer won the trick with the A, to continue with the K, A and a little club. Ravenna pitched his 5, declarer played the Q and West his K, to play another club: 10. Ravenna ruffed with his trump queen and played his spade queen, declarer ruffed. North played the J and a heart to the Q. West covered with his A. Gabino  made next trick with his J and returned a heart to his partner’s J…declarer claimed 7 tricks that cost him 15 IMPs. The match was Rizzo 31-Angeleri 3.

  The Rizzo team added 12 Imps in board 9 when Pellegrini-Camberos made a diamond partscore: 3 and his team mates 4. Now the match was 43 a 3 for Rizzo.

 Board 12 was another 12 IMPs swing for Rizzo.

 In one table Feugas-Siano played 4, Pellegrini with 5 trumps: A J 9 8 4 didnt double, this drove declarer to pay one down. In the other table when West declared the spade game, North doubled and declarer received enough information to find a different way to play the board, lets see what happened: Angeleri lead the 10, Gabino played dummys K and South wn the trick with his A to continue with the J. Declarer won the trick with his Q. Alujas won next trick playing a little spade to the 10, when North played a little trump. South pitched the 7.

  Declarer now played the 9, to the A and ruffed his last diamond. Club to the A, heart to the queen, K, Q, and 7, playing the 3 from his hand. Now North won the trick with his 9 but had to give two spades trick to the declarer, that claimed 10 tricks and 12 IMPs.

 The match was Rizzo 56 – Angeleri 5. In the next board Rizzo added 4IMPs more.

 Board 15 added more IMPs to Rizzo team. Pellegrini-Camberos declarared and made 4, and Angeleri-Villegas chose a 3NT contract by South (opps compited in clubs during the bidding), one down, when Gabino Alujas lead a little club and he and his partner made the first 5 tricks in club.

 The match ended 78 a 5 for Rizzo.


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