Team Chagas: Chagas Gabriel – Federico Kladt – Pedro Paulo Assumpçao – Sergio Aranha – Luiz Fernando Amaral -Gabriele Tusa;  Winner of the Taça São Paulo 2012

The 2012 São Paulo Taça: began with an initial round robin, played every Tuesday and Friday for six months, in the Sao

Gabriela Marchioni

Paolo Bridge Club. Last week, were played the semifinals.  In one of them Team Marchioni defeated d’Orsi Team 147 to 127.5. The other semifinal ended:  Carvalho 111 and Chagas 169.

The Final: November 9 and 10.

Two of the final sets were played November 9. The first finished Chagas 32-Marchioni 31.  In the second one Chagas team build an interesting gap: Chagas 97 -Marchioni 50. November 10th wee played the last two 16 boards sets, and the winner is; Chagas 178 a 129.

Marchioni Team:  Marchioni Antonio, Armando Marchioni, Laura Marchioni, – Gabriela Marchioni – Marina Milos – Felipe M – Jorge Y