2012 SportAccord Teams Selected


The USBF Board has invited the following 6 pairs to represent the United States in the second SportAccord Mind Games Tournament in Beijing, China this December. The pairs were selected in an «instant run-off» election in which all players who had made the Finals of the Open and Women’s Trials in the last 5 years voted. For more information about the event and the election process, see our FAQs article.  Thanks to Peggy Kaplan for these photos, as for so many on this site!

USBF 2012 SportAccord Open Team

   Image    Image

  Curtis Cheek & Joe Grue

  Image Image

  John Hurd & Joel Wooldridge

 Image    Image

  Ralph Katz & Howard Weinstein


USBF 2012 SportAccord Women’s Team

   Image  Image

 Lynn Deas & Disa Eythorsdottir

 Image   Image

 Irina Levitina & Kerry Sanborn

 Image    Image

 Janice Seamon-Molson & Tobi Sokolow