2012 Norwegian Premier League: Match Rogaland vs Vestfold

Geir Helgemo
Geir Helgemo

Since November 2 in Letohallen in Dal, north of Gardermoen is being played the 1st weekend of the Norwegian Premier League: 1st and 2nd Division. The Directors are: Inger Hjelle Marken and Per Nordland. 1st weekend results: Click Here

When not doing what is natural loses points

BBO broadcasted the Rogaland team (Hauge – Malinowski – Helgemo – Kristoffersen – Sælensminde – Svendsen) vs Vestfold team (Kopstad – Kopstad – Berg – Svendsen – Rekstad – Tøndel).

  After 12 boards the match was 24 a 21 for Rogeland. In the board 10 a Helgemo’s natural lead added 10 IMPs to his team:

Helgemo lead the 7, declarer won the trick with the J. Tøndel continued a little heart. East won with his A and returned a little club,  2, asking a diamond return. Helgemo ruffed and played the 2, his partner won with theA  to play another club-ruffed and 1 down.

 In the other table, West chose his 2. Declarer won with his A and continued a heart, West played his A, continued with his A and returned a club…too late…declarer won with his A, played trumps, lose the K and claim 10 tricks and 10 IMPs.

Helgemo and his partner played a 2 partscore.

Tøndel lead his K and declarer had to lose, 2 spades tricks, the heart ace and the A to score +140.

 In the other room Berg-Svendsen continued the bidding to game. East invited to game with a 2 bid, asking for help, West denied any help but informed him about his nice diamond suit. East declared the heart game.

 South chose a trump lead. North won the trick with his A, played his A and another club.

Declarer pitched a spade from his hand, South won the trick and returned another club, allowing declarer to pitch his second spade loser in dummy’s Q. Now East played trumps and claimed 10 tricks= 420= 7 IMPs.