October 13:  During the BBO transmission of the Patton of Monaco 3rd match of the day, the team Lavazza faced the team  M.O.  After the first six boards, which were favorable to M.O. the match was: 18-1…when the board 7 arrived to the table.
West North East South
Klibi Mehd Bocchi Klibi Moni Madala
Pass 2 Pass 2
Pass 2 Pass 2NT
Pass 3 Pass 3
Pass 3 Pass 3
Pass 4 Pass 4
Pass 6 The End  

 In the open room, N / S were Norberto Bocchi / Agustin Madala, and they didnt had no major drawbacks to declare the little slam in clubs, without the intervention of their opps during the bidding.

  After a heart lead, Norberto the declarer exploded all the hand possibilities.  He begun with three trumps rounds ending in his hand. He continued playing a little spade from his hand to the Q, West won the trick with his K to return another heart.

After winning with the A Norberto played a little diamond to his K, West played the 10!!! Norberto continued playing the diamond finesse for 12 tricks and a 1370 score.
In the other room the opening bid was 1NT by South, the WGM Giorgio Duboin bidded 2 (Majors) and North ended the bidding with a 6NT call…
Giorgino lead a club, declarer won the lead and played 4 more clubs, Duboin pitched two spades and two hearts, which prevented declarer to realize the exact Duboin distribution. West apparently had originally a 5/5/2/1.
In the 6th trick declarer played a diamond to the K, and saw Giorgino’s 10…but phantoms arrived! and whispered in his ear: «Duboin must have Q 10″, without doubt South played a diamond to the A… Giorgino pitched a spade! one down and 16 IMPs for Lavazza.
Because of Duboin’s 2 during the bidding and watching that he didnt have A and Q of spades and without heart AKJ, South should have considered a 6/5 distribution.
As Bodrenkova Sveta (Sfoxa) of Belarus wrote during the transmission, South shelved all technical considerations to play that way, if West had a 5 5 2 1, then East had a 6 card diamond suit and so the diamond finesse gives a percentage of 3-1 in favor, not to mention the principle of restricted choice that forces the finesse. The last hand added 4 more IMPs to Lavazza, the match ended 21-18 for Lavazza.

By ferlema