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2012 Monaco Patton: A Hard Push

Two of the best known European sponsors are ZZ = Zimmermman-Zaleski. The zimmermman team is Team Monaco and in this event is represented by: Fantoni-Nunes, HH (Helness-Helgemo) and Zimmermman-Multon. Zaleski’s team: Breno on this occasion playes with Intonti-D’Avossa and Manno-Lanzarotti.

Both teams faced each other the second day of the 2012 Monaco Patton in a match that finished tied although those who followed its alternatives by BBO agreed that was a hard push…

The first swing was Board 1: Breno won a 3 contract, down one inthe other room. The second board were 12 IMPs for Mónaco, they managed to make 3NT, «with a little help from my friends», in the other room Breno played 4 one down. Board 3 were 13 IMPs for Breno when they  played 3NT+2 and Zimmermman was 1 down in 6NT because he didnt find the correct line.12 goes…13 come…

Board number 4 was a funnt one. All vulnerable, in one of the tables south opened 1 and West compited with 2 (club suit), North doubled and South passed. Double dummy we can see that  N/S have 3NT and E/OW goes only 2 down…500 instead of 600…. But something happened during the play and declarer went 3 down N/S socred 800. In the other table, South opened 1 and west showed his 7 clubs suit with a 3 bid, Three down…a push…

Board 5, Nobody vulnerable Deader East, onother funny hand that ended as a  push. D’Avossa opened his 20 PH hand with a 1 bid, Nunes compited with 1NT, Intonti passed and Fantoni bidded 2, Este doubled. Nunes passed with clubs, Intonti showed his spade suit. Fantoni passed, East 2NT (showing his balanced 20 honors hand)  his partner raised to 3NT.

  Lead 8. Declarer won the trick with his 9, played his A watching South pitch the 2. Continuoed with A and a , Nunes played a little club…he rejected to be endplayed. The declarer won the trick with the 9 and played a diamond, Nunes won his K and returned the Q. East won with his A, and played a little heart. Nunes won with his 10, played the K and a , declarer had to play dummy’s Q and Fantoni was squezzed the position was:

Whaterver North, pitches deeclarer plays a heart to the A, Fantoni is more squezzed yet, declarer playes the Q and endplays nort with a siamond for the 9th trick dummy’s K.

In the other room E/W chose to play 4:

Zimmermman opened with a 2NT bit and when the partnetship found out thatr they had a 4-4 heart fit they played game in hearts.

Lanzarotti lead was K, declarer won in his hand with the A, played a little diamond, South won with the Q and played his spade singleton. The declarer won with the A, ruffed a diamnond, South played a little club but had the ruff the Q when declarer continued with spade.  South vey uncorfotable, played a little heart, Zimmermman won with his Q, ruffed another diamond, when South refused to ruff high…The end was: Lanzarotti ruffed the spade return but always endplayed continued ¡ith the K, declarer won the trick and endplayed  Lanzarotti aganin that only had clubs and gave the 10th trick , the spade lead is the only one that defeats de contract.

 Board 7 was the same contract with a trick difference in both tables.

Board 8 also was funny, none vulnerable. In one room:

  Both teams compited in their majors, Intonti was obliged to say 6, Fantoni doubled, declarer was 3 down: -500. In the other room the bidding was diferent:

  Multon opened the hand with a 4 bid and after North’s double Zimmermman ocupied the 5th level with his 5. Lanzarotti said 5. Declarer could do the 13 tricks…fo a last push.

  The match ended Breno (Zaleski) 18-Monaco (Zimmerman) 17

  Down you can find all the hands, card by card:




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