2012 Monaco Cavendish: Match Israel Juniors vs Quantin

Marco Catellani

 Source: Monaco Cavendish

  I tried to see some good bridge, and for the first round I choose to see a young team, Israely Jr. In the closed room, at the table, we had Padon-Birman and two very well know bridge players, Quantin-Bompis.

* Multi

Happily for EW the lead in spade come from North. So west had an easy ride taking the Q with the ace, and playing eventually for the only chance: Q10 alone.


Here we had a very good, easy and sensible decision in the Israeli pairs, playing 5 and not 3NT. To bid 6 from West seems at least attractive, but I’m near sure this is not a 50% slam.


Here we can see a very good decision from Quantin, who choose to double 5, following his decision with his (abitual) good defence. Declarer took the 9 lead (parity lead to clarify 4 cards) with the ace, continuing with the A (partner discarding 2 ). Declared next play is 8. Up to you. Quantin took the A, and take some time, surely visualizing A AKQ9873 8 AQ105 (he will defeat continuing hearts or spades), and A AKQ9873 876 Q10 (he will defeat playing clubs). He took in his hand the J and the 7 some time, exchanging their position between fingers, and then, surely evaluating that to open 2 partner must have something in clubs, the choice was 7. In the real hand there was no problem, as usual when you stop and think hard about a problem. H.9 No time for relaxing. Surely not for Quantin…

From the start and the 9 lead, the defence and the play were perfect, EW normally continuing diamonds and clubs, and declarer searching to create a winner in heart. At the end this position arise, and Quantin didn’t miss the chance to finish one down, playing a small spade from his hand.

Curious enough, but this is not to be told to my friend Quantin: NS can make at least 2S on any lead. I have not deep finesse with me here to check, but I’m nearly sure…

Marco Catellani