"Bandera de la FIGB"
Bandera de la FIGB

 Photo: Alberto Benetti, Italian Bridge Journalist

April 20, 2012  

  From Saturday April 28 to Tuesday May 1, will be played at the traditional Palazzo dei Congressi di Salsomaggiore, the Open and Ladies Italian teams Championships in the Categories: Eccellenza, Serie A and Serie B.

      In Category Eccellenza teams will compete for the title of Champions of Italy: 10 teams in the Open and10 inthe Ladies, while teams who qualify in the last three places recede to Serie A.

      In Serie A:  30 teams will compete in Open and  30 teams in Ladies, in 3 rounds, they will be playing for the promotion to Serie Eccellenza 2013. It will be promoted the winner of each round, while the last three of each round (Open and Ladies) will fall to Serie B.

      In Serie B 150 teams in Open and60 inLadies divided into sectors of 10 teams each. The Open winning team from each group will be promoted to Serie A and the last 4 ranked back down to the Promotion. Ladies will be in the top two teams from each group to be promoted to Serie A and the last 4 of qualifying recede to the Promotion.

      Alberto Benetti for FIGB