Festival International de Bridge, Antibes- Juan Les Pins 2012:  11 to 24 May 2012
The appointement for lovers of Bridge at the Palais des Congrès in Juan-les-Pins,  Côte d’Azur, France.

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Festival last Days:  Just started the the last tournament of the festival,  a Teams Patton. 42 teams are participating in this tournament and the top positions so far are:






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Festival 8th Day: Luciano Taciuc and Apolinary Kowalski 2012 Open winners

Luciano Taciuc y Apolinary Kowalski

Apolonary Kowalski, double world champion, triple European champion, winner of the 2012 Open
How many entries in the festival? 
AK: I played the festival for thirty years 
your best performance? 
AK: two wins in the Open, the first with Tuczinski, and 5 times, second In the Open! 
What you prefer? 
AK: the level of play remains high 
your best memory? 
AK: winning the handicap, a few years ago. I received a beautiful amphora!

Taciuc Luciano, who won the 2012 Open
How many entries in the festival? 
LT: ten 
your best performance? 
LT: a victory in IMP 
your best memory? 
LT: It is currently …

Festival 7th Day

Philippe Coenraets & Steven de Donder

First till now in the IMPs Pairs Tournament: Philippe Coenraets and Steven de Donder

Who’s there?

Wubbo de Boer
Wubbo de Boer, European champion and World Junior Champion-Netherlands, won the Bermuda Bowl in 1993 in Santiago, Chile. Unique in the history of the bridge, upon arrival at the airport of Amsterdam, the Dutch players were treated like celebrities: national television and many supporters made ​​up the welcoming committee.
Volkert Sruycken from La Haya (Netherlands)

Juan and I …

How many entries in the festival? 
VS: more than 25 … 
Your best performance? 
VS: This year IMPs Pairs, second. 
What you prefer? 
VS: the climate, atmosphere, organization, restaurants …. 
The first thing you do on arrival? 
VS: I drink a glass of red wine! 
Your best memory? 
VS: a girlfriend …
Elly Ducheyne, leader of the Dutch delegation for several decades, is absent from this edition.The entire team of the organization, and the Dutch were keen to show him their friendship. That was it! Each year about fifty Dutch bridge players participates in the festival. The Friday tournament is open and called «Netherlands Day». Special prizes are awarded. The price of loyalty has been assigned to Your Valk attend the festival for 45 years.
Sabine Auken

 Festival 6th Day: The world champion, former world number one, the German Sabine Auken regularly returns to Juan-les-Pins. This year, she participated in the open with Roy Welland. She always shows the same radiant smile, but she is a formidable fighter. In 2001 in Paris, in the final women’s World Championships, France led by 48 points to 16 to lose at the end against Germany. Sabine and his teamhad a come back  in the last segment to finally win the title. Four years later in Estoril, the French ladies held their revenge by beating in the world championship final the German Team.

Krysztof Martens

Krzysztof Martens, World Champion, Open French Team 2011 coach, 2012 Monaco Team Coach.

How many entries in the festival?

Ton y Frank Bakkeren

KM: twenty times in 30 years
Your best performance?
KM: 2 wins.
What you prefer?
KM: Côte d’Azur
The first thing you do on arrival?
KM: look at the tournament venue
Your best memory?
KM: two victories

 Festival 5th Day

Pierre Adad y Pascal Ringuet won the IMP Pairs Tournament, with a 153 IMP score.

Pierre Adad y Pascal Ringuet
Danièle Avon

Daniele Avon, European champion in pairs, Vice-European Champion in Teams

How many entries in the festival?
DA: forty since 1966!
Your best performance?
DA: a victory in mixed with Christophe Oursel.
What you prefer?
DA: the Riviera, the sun, the restaurants, the walks …
An address?
DA: Tetou.
The first thing you do on arrival?
DA: I come to the tournament!
Your best memory?
DA: No memory in particular, it is always nice to come here

 Festival 4th Day

Catherine Vives y Rokia Poizat

Catherine Vives and Rokia Poizat will represent France at the World Mind Sports Games(ex-Olympics) next August in Lille.  Catherine has 4 selections in the national team, it will bethe first for Rokia. The two champions are living in Languedoc and regularly come to Juan.

Fernando Piedra

Fernando Piedra, Swiss international from Uruguay.

How many entries in the festival?
FP: fourteen
Your best performance?
FP:  second in mixed with Grey Hedy.
What you prefer?
FP: evenings with my friends Susan and Peter Lenz.
An address?
FP: Cesar Keller, Garoupe beach.
The first thing you do on arrival?
FP: Reserve a table at Keller!
Your best memory?
FP: Very good times with my friends especially with Serban Tomescu, my Romanian friend.

Pascal Ringuet & Pierre Adad

Pascal and Pierre Ringuet Adad saw in the lead after the second session with 117.2IMP.

 Festival 3rd Day

Mark Horton

He travels the world championship by championship. He is the Editor of the daily bulletins of major international competitions, he is from England, Mark Horton, who took a break in Juan. Since a year ago he has not found time to play. After the festival, he will cover the European Championships in Dublin in June.

2º Parejas Mixtas, Mme Snepvangers Ine y M. Mommers Mart










 Festival 2nd Day

 And the winners of 2012 Mixed Couples are…

Emanuela Calandra and Guido Ferraro

Emanuela Calandra and Guido Ferraro (Italy), the woman wins her first major tournament (84 boards), his partner has won  numerous  titles including World Champion and European Champion.

Maria-Teresa Lavazza and Giorgio Duboin

Who’s there?

 Faithful to the festival,  Maria Teresa Lavazza  and Giorgio Duboin , respectively coach and player of the

Italian National Open Team, belong to the international bridge legend: 7 consecutive European titles, Olympics, Bermuda Bowl. An outstanding track record.

 Mixed Couple Event all Results: Click Here

 Festival 1st Day

Lorenzo and Francesca Stoppini Carnicelli

 Lorenzo and Francesca Stoppini Carnicelli come from Tuscany and they are participating in the festival for the first time. They realize 63.83% average in the two sessions combined. Good start!

   Patrick Grenthe, Lille, President of the French Bridge Federation and a World Senior Champion

Patrick Grenthe, Lille, French Bridge Federation President
 How many entries in the festival?
PG: fifteen times …
Your best performance?
PG: 4th in open with Sylvie Willard.
What you prefer?
PG: organizer, Roger Damelé it conveys values ​​that I hold dear: the friendliness and warmth
The first thing you do on arrival?
PG: I watch the sea
Your best memory?
PG: a great evening at Bruno, the specialist of the truffe, organized by Jean-JacquesPalau.
Kristina Ormay and Steven de Donder
Kristina Ormay, 21, plays his first festival. But already played the Hungarian women’s team selection for the last European Championships. She lived for three years in Antwerp, as her partner Steven de Donder, 32, Belgian champion.
Anna and Sarniak Andrekl Jaszczak of Poland with a mean of 62.40% after 4 sessions!.
Anna Sarniak & Andrekl Jaszczak from Poland
 Juan Les Pins celebrates this year its 130th anniversary. Many events celebrating this anniversary. 
Jacq Kino, cards
 Among the initiatives of the City, an exhibition of sculptures  by Jacq Kino  incorporating the four symbols of the seaside town: roses, jazz, water skiing and casinos. To illustrate this last theme, the artist has reproduced playing cards.