Eilat, Israel • 15-18 November 2012

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November 18: G.S. Allegra is the new 2012 Champion 2012. 

Source Official Bulletins: Gruppo Sportivo ALLEGRA from Turin, Italy, have won the 2012 Champions’ Cup, making it their second consecutive victory and their third win overall. Our congratulations therefore go to Norberto BOCCHI, Giorgio DUBOIN, Agustin MADALA and Antonio SEMENTA. In the final, they were down 0-20 after 4 boards but they scored 111-4 over the next 22 boards to put the match well out of reach for their opponents. The six-times winners, team Angelini from Rome, Italy, therefore have to be content with the silver medal. Our congratulations go to them as well: Ercole BOVE (npc), Leonardo CIMA, Valerio GIUBILO, Lorenzo LAURIA, Federico PRIMAVERA and Alfredo VERSACE.

In the play-off for the bronze medal, Monaco FM beat Bridge Club Real from Russia. This match was much more evenly poised than the grand final, as neither team ever had a lead of more than 20 IMPs except in the first five boards of the second segment. Even then, the Russians came back quickly to within striking distance of their opponents. The score after one segment was 57-38 to Monaco and the final score became 81-63 to them. The difference was caused mainly by two good slams in the first segment, where the two Russian pairs involved both stayed in game to lose 28 IMPs in all.
So our congratulations also go to the bronze winners: Jean-Charles ALLAVENA (npc), Fulvio FANTONI, Geir HELGEMO, Tor HELNESS, Franck MULTON, Claudio NUNES and Pierre ZIMMERMANN.

Team c/o Segment
1 Tot 2 Tot 3 Total
Italy G.S. Allegra 0 55 55 58 113 46 159
Italy Angelini 0 23 23 28 51 30 81

The third position was for Monaco:

Team c/o Segment
1 Tot 2 Tot 3 Total
monaco Monaco FM 0 57 57 24 81 0 81
Russia Bridge Club Real 0 38 38 25 63 0 63

November 17: The two Italian teams won the semi-finals…

        The final is: Allegra vsAngeleri

 Semifinals Last Results:

Knockout – After board 16 of segment 1 c/o 1 Tot 2 Tot 3 Total
Russia Bridge Club Real 0 26 26 16 42 21 63
Italy Angelini Bridge Team 0 15 15 49 64 27 91
Knockout – After board 16 of segment 1 c/o 1 Tot 2 Tot 3 Total
monaco Monaco FM 0 29 29 23 52 41 93
Italy G.S. Allegra 0 55 55 29 84 60 144

The Other Positions Results:

Knockout – After board 16 of segment 1 c/o 1 Tot 2 Tot 3 Total
Israel Israel Blue 0 60 60 10 70 20 90
netherlands Het Witte Huis 0 35 35 39 74 10 84


Knockout – After board 16 of segment 1 c/o 1 Tot 2 Tot 3 Total
bulgaria Radkov Bridge Club 0 27 27 25 52 57 109
Sweden BK Lavec – Smile 0 42 42 24 66 15 81


Knockout – After board 16 of segment 1 c/o 1 Tot 2 Tot 3 Total
Israel Israel White 0 30 30 40 70 39 109
Germany Burghausen 1 0 28 28 18 46 25 71


Knockout – After board 16 of segment 1 c/o 1 Tot 2 Tot 3 Total
england Hinden -English Premier League 0 26 26 22 48 41 89
Poland Consus Kalisz 0 51 51 21 72 18 90

November 16: At the end of the qualification stage these are the teams and the draw for the semi-finals:

Monaco FM vs G.S. Allegra  and

Bridge Club Real vs   Angelini

These are the final RR results:

Results Group A    Results Group B    
# Team VPs
1   Monaco FM 91
2   Angelini 81
3   Israel Blue 80
4   BK Lavec 72
5   Hinden 67
6   Burghausen 1 55
# Team VPs
1   Bridge Club Real 89
2   G.S. Allegra 86
3   Radkov Bridge Club 78
4   Het Witte Huis 77
5   Israel White 67
6   Consus Kalisz 50

November 15: The teams were divided in two groups A and B.  Read what happened in:

               Board 1  Click Here and in Board 11  Click Here

Los Campeones 2011: G.S. Allegra: Maria Teresa LAVAZZA, Noberto BOCCHI, Giorgio DUBOIN, Guido FERRARO, Agustin MADALA, Antonio SEMENTA, Capitán: Maria Teresa LAVAZZA

The European Champions’ Cup is a competition between the elite teams of European bridge, i.e. the national team champions of the top ten coun­tries at the most recent European Team Championships. The defending champions and the host country representatives are also invited, but no country may participate with more than two teams.

Accordingly, this year, the top ten contenders of the 51st European Team Championships 2012, held in Dublin, Ireland, are invited to participate in the European Champions’ Cup: Bulgaria, England, Germany, Israel, Italy, Monaco, The Netherlands, Poland, Russia, and Sweden. The ‘GS Allegra’ team of Italy who are the defending champions, and the host team, bring the total number of contesting teams to 12. The format is a round-robin qualifier, followed by semifinals, a final and playoffs.

This is the eleventh event of the competition which was revived in 2002 in Warsaw, Poland, with the above format. The winners of that first event were Italy, followed by Israel and Norway. Italy has been more than successful ever since, as it has won all titles held so far, except in 2006 when the Cup went to Germany and 2010 when it was captured by The Netherlands. After the revival event, the tournament travelled to Rome, Barcelona, Brussels, Rome for the second time, Poland’s Wroclaw, Amsterdam, Paris, Izmir, Germany’s Bad Honnef and now to Eilat, Israel.

Album 2011

Format: The teams will be divided into two groups of six and in each group a complete round-robin qualifier of 20 boards will be played. At the end of the round-robin qualifier the first two ranked teams will play a knockout match of 48 boards (three 16-board segments: 1st of group A v. 2nd of group B – 1st of group B v. 2nd of group A) in semifinal A; the third and fourth in semifinal B (3rd of group A v. 4th of group B – 3rd of group B v. 4th of group A); and the fifth and sixth in semifinal C (5th of group A v. 6th of group B – 5th of group B v. 6th of group A).

The winners of semifinal A will play a 48-board final (three 16-board segments) to determine the title; the losers will play a 32-board playoff (two 16-board segments) for third place; the winners of semifinal B and C will play 32-board matches (two 16-board segments), respectively, for fifth and ninth places; the losers of these semifinals will not be involved in further play. The EBL Open Team Championships Rules & Regulations apply to the European Champions’ Cup.


Rank Prize Money Medals
Winners €5,000 Gold Medal & Champions’ Cup
Runners up €3,000 Silver Medal
3rd place €2,000 Bronze Medal
4th place €1,500  
5th place €1,000  
9th place €600