2012 English Premier League

Frances Hinden,Graham Osborne,Jeffrey Allerton,Chris Jagger
Frances Hinden,Graham Osborne,Jeffrey Allerton,Chris Jagger

  Hinden Team won the Premier League 2012. Team Hinden: Frances Hinden,Graham Osborne,Jeffrey Allerton,Chris Jagger

This year the Premier League was used as the selection process for the 2013 Camrose Trophy to be held on 4th-6th January in Northern Ireland. It should be noted that the England team will compete on at least a partially self-funding basis.

This is what the EBU wrote in its Google+ page: 

Congratulations to the Hinden team – France Hinden, Graham Osborne, Jeffrey Allerton and Chris Jagger – who have won the 2012 Premier League. It was a very exciting conclusion, but they emerged victorious, 5 VPs ahead of the Allfrey team in second. Ewart finished third.

Rosen team – Neil Rosen, Martin Jones, Michael Byrne and Duncan Happer

In Division Two, the Rosen team – Neil Rosen, Martin Jones, Michael Byrne and Duncan Happer – finished narrowly ahead of Penfold. Both teams will be promoted to Division One next year. Bell finished third.

 Last Results

Rank Team Names [RANKS]                                               VPs
  1     2 Hinden                                                                  123
          Frances Hinden,Graham Osborne,Jeffrey Allerton,Chris Jagger
  2     4 Allfrey                                                                 118
          Tony Forrester,David Gold,Alexander Allfrey,Andrew Robson
          Derek Patterson,Peter Crouch
  3     1 Ewart                                                                   112
          Cameron Small,Phil King,Jason Hackett,Justin Hackett
          David Ewart,Gunnar Hallberg
  4     8 Mossop                                                                  111
          Andrew McIntosh,David Mossop,David Bakhshi,Tom Townsend
          David Price,Colin Simpson
  5     3 Fegarty                                                                 106
          Jonathan Mestel,David Kendrick,Catherine Curtis,Paul Fegarty
          Jon Cooke
  6     5 de Botton                                                                96
          Norman Selway,Espen Erichsen,Janet De Botton,Artur Malinowski
          Nick Sandqvist,David Burn
  7     7 Sinclair                                                                 87
          Ben Green,John Holland,Anita Sinclair,Fredrik Bjornlund
          Joe Fawcett,Glyn Liggins
  8     6 Cope                                                                     80
          Dan McIntosh,Chris Cooper,Andrew Murphy,Simon Cope
          John Howard,Andy Bowles

Previous Weekends

  Jason Hackett ( he is playing in the Ewart team…) wrote in his  facebook page:  21-9 today in premier league reasonable result. This event is slightly unusual in that it is a round robin of 60 board matches, but is only one of three where all the best English players play. We have a good lead so far but it can change quickly. The winning team is guaranteed a berth in the Camrose trophy , the bottom 2 teams are relegated to division 2.

Division One

Allfrey Alexander Allfrey, Andrew Robson, Tony Forrester, David Gold, Derek Patterson and Peter Crouch
Cope Simon Cope, Andrew Murphy, Chris Cooper, Dan McIntosh, John Howard and Andy Bowles
de Botton Janet de Botton, Artur Malinowski, Nick Sandqvist, Espen Erichsen, Norman Selway and David Burn
Ewart David Ewart, Gunnar Hallberg, Justin Hackett, Jason Hackett, Cameron Small and Phil King
Fegarty Paul Fegarty, Catherine Curtis, David Kendrick, Jonathan Mestel and Jon Cooke
Hinden Frances Hinden, Graham Osborne, Jeffrey Allerton and Chris Jagger
Mossop David Mossop, Andrew McIntosh, Tom Townsend, David Bakhshi, David Price and Colin Simpson
Sinclair Anita Sinclair, Fredrik Bjornlund, Ben Green, John Holland, Joe Fawcett and Glyn Liggins

Division Two

Bell Mike Bell, Simon Creasey, Paul Gipson and Alex Gipson
Bowdery Richard Bowdery, Steve Root, Ian Draper, Jeremy Willans, Andrew Southwell and Ian Lancaster
Dhondy Jeremy Dhondy, Alan Kay, Heather Dhondy and Brian Callaghan
Harris Jonathan Harris, Steve Capal, Barry Murray, Martin Pope, Andrew Sobell and Jill Feldman
Penfold Sandra Penfold, Brian Senior, Nevena Senior and Alex Hydes
Pryor Malcolm Pryor, Marc Smith, Malcolm Lewis, Steve Auchterlonie, Alan Wilson and Nick Smith
Rosen Neil Rosen, Martin Jones, Michael Byrne, Duncan Happer and Ed Jones
Seale Catherine Seale, Jerry Stamatov, Anne Rosen, Ian Pagan, Lyn Fry and Tom Paske