In England the 2012 Premier League is being used as a selection process for the 2013 Camrose Trophy to be held on 4th-6th January in Northern Ireland.  Yesterday, Saturday 27 October, BBO broadcasted the England Premier League match: Ewart-de Botton, where board 10 worth it to watch it live. The match ended Ewart 21- de Botton 9.

Board 10, Dealer: East, Vul All


J 9 8 5
J 8 7 5
A Q J 2

Q 6 2
K 3
A K J 8 7 5 4


K 10 7 3
Q 9 4
10 4
10 9 6 2


A 4
A K 10 6 3
9 8 7 6 5

In one room:

West North East South
Burn     Hackett Justin     Sandqvist     Hackett Jason
    Pass 1
2 3 4 4
5 Doblo The End  

Burn decided to sacrifice in 5, he must have been sure he couldn’t defeat the iron made Hackett Bros contract. Declarer lost 4 tricks: 2 diamonds, a heart and a spade for two down= -500.

In the other room:

West North East South
Hallberg    Malinowski    Ewart     de Botton   
    Pass 1
3 4 Pass 4
The End      

This were the BBO comments after de 4 bid:

pdjourdain: N-S reach 4 and E-W may not risk 5.
ady: this looks like either 620 or 650 so some imps for de Botton

Lead: K

West won the trick with the K lead watching the Q played by South and in tempo played 3.

These were the enthusiastic comments in the BBO chat:

pdjourdain: Low switch excellent!!!, n ow likely to go off
woozle: Hallberg sets a trap with the diamond shift – de Botton takes the bait (this time, fair enough) and will have to guess the hearts for the contract.

Declarer had a decision to take and almost none information. If  she played the Q and the loses the trick, she would lost: 1 spade, 1 diamond, 1 club and now the contract would depend on the Q.

Declarer decided the line and played in consecuence. De Botton, played the A and as she had 9 trumps she played A and K for one down.

pdjourdain: Well done Gunnar Hallberg

woozle: Great result for EW – Kudos for Hallberg for finding the pressure shift…even if we commentators could come up with a reason to guess the hearts or diamonds right, it’s much easier from here looking at all of the hands
pdjourdain: No need to sacrifice in 5 when you find such a defence to 4.