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 Italy has reached the final round of the 2012 competitions. From Thursday December 13 to Sunday 16, 16 teams will compete, in Men and Women, for the Italy Cup in Salsomaggiore and from Friday will join the Italian Cup players from the second and third class.

As always, this is a type of tournament where mistakes are not allowed: the winner goes to the next stage, the loser is gone, or at least have to settle for a Swiss.


The Men category is particularly interesting, where at least four teams will arrive to Salsomaggiore with legitimate aspirations of winning the coveted trophy Giorgio Belladonna.

They are, in alphabetical order, Angelini, Bridge Breno Zaleski, Canottieri Olona Lavazza and Tennis Roma Lanciano. The first of the two Roman teams count on the contribution of the pair formed by Lauria-Versace which for two years has played and won the Cup with Zaleski. Angelini team has won a total of 7 of the 10 Italian Cup Men since 2003. In particular, Lauria and Versace have two records so far almost impregnable: 9 wins in 10 editions of the Italian Cup Men and 14 victories in the Italian Cup absolute. Before they play and win 11 Cups (between open and men), the two had already won two Italy Cups. Lauria in 1974 and 1980 and Versace in 1990 and 1991 with Lavazza.

For Zaleski team, which only a few days ago won the trophy of the City of Milan, showing they are in great shape, a victory in this competition would be particularly important because the team Breno, formed nearly three years ago, would win three Italy Cups in their first three years of life after winning the Trofeo Giorgio Belladonna, albeit with different formations, in 2010 and 2011.

For Lavazza team a victory in this Coppa Italia would be very important because it would allow Torino (this time in Milan) close an exceptional season with the «Grand Slam of Fall» after winning the last two months, the Tournament Society and the Champions League, and also is a trophy that the Lombard city has not won since 1987.

The Rome Tennis will feature an incredible pair: Fantoni-Nunes, winning would mean the end of an exciting season that has seen them reach the semi-finals of the Societario.

If another team win, in additionto win the coveted trophy they will win the title of  «surprise of the century.» Very difficult to predict which of the four favorite teams can achieve the goal … but we can make sure the show is guaranteed.

Alberto Benetti for FIGB