2012 Campos de Jordao


With the participation of 44 pairs ended the traditional Campos de Jordao Tournament 2012, under the direction of Dr. Gustavo Chediak. Photo credit Gustavo Chediak.

Campos Jordao is a mini-tourist village located between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo … and is very picturesque, imagine being in Switzerland in summer … to be at 1,800 meters high is framed in a blue sky impossible to describe … and is known for having one of the purest air … a healthy place …

   The city has most of its buildings in Swiss style, is surrounded by green mountains … where squirrels are the delight of tourists jumping in the  incredible centennial Araucaria forest … In its small cobblestone sidewalks the bridge players meet at the Brewery German «Baden Baden», where besides enjoying the delicatesens of the house, (we recommend the assorted plate of German sausages with sauerkraut and potato salad …), hand comments travel from table to table. It’s nice to get somewhere … hear about bridge …. and without knowing the people … feel at home.

Scratch and Handicap winners were:  Eloisa Nogueira and Ary Nogueira.