2012 saturday October 6 2012, in the city of Bologna, Italy was played the Teams Tournament “Memorial Cesare Bresciani“, 77 teams played the event. The organization made a major effort to increase the participation of young Italians who could play the event for free in addition to receiving accommodation at discount prices, plus the Comitato Regionale Emilia Romagna instituted a special award for the youth teams, this time was won by: Alessandro Calmanovici, Giovanni Zedda, Alessandro Pruna, Alberto Racca, Roberto Sau.

The 6th round faced the Zaleski team (the tournament winner) with the Amadori team. The match was won by the Amadori team. This are 3 of the 8 boards they played:

Board 1 Dealer North None Vulnerable

6 2
10 6 3
A J 2
Q 9 6 5 3
10 9 4 3
Q J 8
K 8 5 4
J 8
A K 9 7 5 4 2
10 9 7 3

K Q 8 7 5

Q 6
A K 10 7 4 2
West North East South
Lanzarotti Soglia Manno Amadori
Pass 1 2
2 3 4 4
Pass 5 5 fin

Manno opened the hand with 1  and Amadori overcalled 2, Lanzarotti and Soglia support their partners suits. Manno continued telling his partner that they would play game showing his club control, and South communicate to his partner taht he wanted to compite in spades or clubs, asking him to pass or correct. North chose clubs as trumps and Manoo saw had to defend in the 5 level: with 5. South lead the K and declarer went down losing 1 spade and two diamonds.

At the other table the bidding was very different:

West North Este South
Torroni D’Avossa Magnani Intonti
Pass 4 Double

Magnani decided to open his hand at the 4th level (What would you have done?), South doubled but D’Avossa with only two spade cards passed. The declarer lose the same tricks as in the other room but received a 12 IMPs reward for his team: Amadori. In the BBO VG Gluckenval wrote: primo sostanzioso swing per amadori… l’apertura diretta di 4, pur se non proprio tecnicamente perfette, sortisce l’effetto voluto (first juicy swing for…the 4 openning bid, in itself not technically perfect, brought the desired effect).

Amadori stroke hard again in the next board:

Board 2 Dealer East N/S Vulnerable

J 10 8 7 5
J 8 7 4
9 4
10 8
A Q 6 3
A K 5 2
A K 10 7 2
Q 9 3
8 6 3
K Q J 7 6 5
9 4 2
10 6
Q J 5
A 9 4 3 2
West North Este South
Lanzarotti Soglia Manno Amadori
2 Pass
2 Pass 3 Pass
3 Pass 4 Pass
6 fin

Manno opened a not strong hand with long clubs and the partnership finished playing a heart slam. Declarer didnt have any problem to make 12 bazas.

At the other table:

West North Este South
Torroni D’Avossa Magnani Intonti
1 Pass
1 Pass 2 Pass
2 Pass 3 Pass
3 Pass 3 Pass
7 fin

Magnani chose to open his hand at the 1 level and Torroni begun showing his longest suit. East showed his 6 cards club and West showed his hearts. Magnani chose diamonds as trumps, and Torroni continued showing his cheaper control, his partner showed his spade control and finally Torroni decided to pick the Diamond Grand Slam contract…although missing several key pieces of the puzzle. Gluckenval asked himself: sono curioso di sapere quale delle 3 licite di Est garantiva la Q… senza la quale 7 non è granchè…(I’m curious to know which of East bids granted the Q, without which the grand slam can not be assured) . Another commentator addede Buzzo_: scatenati a cena bistecche di leone ( have they ordered lion steak for their dinner?)

The lead was the 10 and declarer won the trick with the K to continue playing a little diamond to the 10 to won his second trick. Afterwards he ruffed a litte spade in dummy and continued playing the K. South covered and saw declarer ruffing his as. Declarer played his high trumps and claimed 13 tricks and another 10 IMPs for Amadori.

Board 5 was the next two digit swing, this time for Zaleski team:

Board 5 Dealer North N/S Vulnerable

K J 10 8 7 3
K 10 7 6
Q 8 6 2
10 9 8 3 2
A 6 4
7 5 4
Q 6 5
Q 9 2
9 4 3 2
K 10 9 3
K J 7 4
A Q J 5
West North East South
Lanzarotti Soglia Manno Amadori
1 Pass 1
Pass 2 Pass 3NT

Soglia opened with 1, Amadori response was 1 and Soglia who you should have already digested the lion steak bidded 2, Amadori closed the game in NT. Declarer made 10 tricks.

At the other room:

West North East South
Torroni D’Avossa Magnani Intonti
1 Pass 21
Pass 32 Pass 33
Pass 44 Pass 45
Pass 56 Pass 6

1 Relay

2 6 diamonds and 4 clubs

3 Relay

4 singleton heart and max hand

5  clubs as trumps and denies heart control

6 odd aces

Lead: 10

Declarer won the lead with the A, continued playing J to the K and diamond. West played his A and returned another diamond, Intonti played the J, East covered and declarer ruffed, next came some trumps and claimed.