2012 Argentine Open Teams Championship

    This Sunday May 6 2012 in Buenos Aires Argentina was played the final of the 2012 Argentina Open Teams Championship. The final was played by Mayorga Team vs. Fornasari Team, resulting Fornasari team the winner: 149 to 99.

    Fornasari Team: Carlos Pellegrini-Hector Camberos, Pelipe Ferro-Francisco Montes de Oca, Walter Fornasari-Gabino Alujas.

    Mayorga Team: Pierre Pejacsevich, Maria Mayorga, Ricardo Angeleri and Marcelo Villegas.

    They played 3 sets of 16 boards each. The first set began with a carry over of 12 IMPs for the Mayorga Team. When the match was Mayorga 49- vs Fornasari 55, missing only 3 hands for the first set to end, board 14 arrived to the table:

       Fornasari opened the hand with a 4Diamante call and Villegas doubled. After Alujas´s pass Angeleri bidded 4NT. Villegas after a long  thought decided to pass…

      The lead was the DiamanteK, declarer won in dummy with the DiamanteA, ran his spades and hearts but finally had to play clubs…no more tricks for him … 1 down.

      At the other table the auction started the same way but in North Ferro chose a call to make sure his  partner couldnt pass … and cued with 5Diamante Montes de Oca started showing his heart suit but when he heard Ferro mention spades, declared the slam: 6.  The lead was the DiamanteK,  declarer won the trick in dummy, played trumps, and claimed 12 tricks…and 14 IMPs for his team.