Every year the IBPA (International Bridge Press Association) awards the best hand of the year.

In 1976 the award for the best bidding of the year was awarded to the Grand World Masters  Gabino Cintra and Christiano Fonseca both of Brazil.

The hand was played in a match against Israel, during the Olympics in 1976 where Brazil ended as the Champion.


 A K Q x x
A Q x x
A x
J x


x x x x
x x x
A K Q 10 x

West   North    East   South  
 1  Pass  2  Pass
 2  Pass  3  Pass
 4  Pass  4  Pass
 4NT  Pass  5  Pass
 5  Pass  5NT  Pass
 7  the end    

The Bidding:

I asked Christiano about the hand and he answered:

1 = 16 HP or more
2 = Clubs, 5 + cards and 8 + point 
2 = 5 + spades, and asks for support and strength.
3 = 4 cards support, with no honors in the suit, and 4 or more controls. (Control: In the Strong Club Systems, A= 2 controls and K= 1 control).

Christiano Fonseca

 In Regard Christiano wrote (I only had 3 controls but considered that the heart singleton and the club suit quality were enough to compensate the absence of the fourth control ).

 The: 4, 4, 5  y 5 were cue bids.

 4NT  was not Blackwood; reported that we had all he suits control and that we had no losers in spades.
5NT = Grand Slam Invitation.

Bons tempos aqueles! Those good times!!!

Thank you!  Christiano

By ferlema