IV International Barcelona Bridge Open

Eric Gautret-Bernard Cabanes
Eric Gautret-Bernard Cabanes

 In the halls of Catalonia Barcelona Plaza Hotel today finishedd the:     

IV International Barcelona Bridge Open

 Photos by Sra. Mari Carmen Babot

This year 178 partnership had a wonderfull time playing this event … hopefully next year YOU will be playing in one of them … is worth it… All the Information Click Aqui

February 3, 2013:  Winners of the Barcelona Bridge Open 2013:

Eric Gautret-Bernard Cabanes
Eric Gautret-Bernard Cabanes

Eric Gautret (FRA) – Bernard Cabanes (FRA) 

The french partnership formed by, Gautret Eric (FRA) – Bernard Cabanes (FRA) only needed to do 52.5% in the last session to win the title and the cash prize of  IV International Barcelona Bridge Open 2013, their three sessions performance  was 61.5%.

Marta y Nuria Almirall
Marta y Nuria Almirall

Very, very close two local players, Nuria & Marta Almirall (ESP) of Barcelona with 62.1% in the third session and only 0.04% difference in the overall 61.1%, had to settle for second position . M&N Almirall was one of the Spanish ladies team pairs that qualify in the Venice Cup in San Pablo 2009 and lose in the quarter finals against the powerful U.S. team to finish fifth in the world. They also  won a year later the South American Women teams Championship and so have the of South American Champions (Mar del Plata 2010), this in addition to a lot of Spanish and European titles.

Massimiliano DI FRANCO

Enrico Castellani (ITA) – Massimiliano Di Franco (ITA) who were third overall, made in today’s session 58.1% allowing them to reach a total performance of 60.5% and to maintain their third position. Massimiliano Di Franco (ITA) is an Italian junior. In 2012 he finished fifth in the 14th WORLD YOUTH TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS Taicang 2012 – Junior Teams representing Italy. Enrico Castellani (ITA) has represented Italy in several international events.

Simonetta PAOLUZI

Fourth with 60.3% total, for the first time in the TOP 5 appeared an Italian partnership Cameo Giorgio (ITA) – Simonetta Paoluzi (ITA), Simonetta has represented Italy at international events and among his many achievements we can mention to arrive second in Pau’s Venice Cup 2008.

Piafsky Jessica (USA) – Jacek Kalita (POL) who led the event after the first session and finished second after the second session, finished in fifth place.

   All sessions results and hands…in the AEB Site: Click Aqui

Eric Gautret-Bernard Cabanes
Eric Gautret-Bernard Cabanes

February 2, 2013: Tomorrow the last Session

The french Partnership: Eric Gautret (FRA) – Bernard Cabanes (FRA) had again an excellent session and although they finished fifth today’s with 61.2% they reached first place overall.

M. Almirall - N. Almirall
M. Almirall – N. Almirall

 The second sesion was won by Marta and Nuria  Almirall (ESP) from Barcelona with 64.5% and now they are fifth overall.

Jessica Piafsky (USA) – Jacek Kalita (POL)  ho began the session as the leaders, made 61.8%, and are in second place overall.

  Enrico Catellani (ITA) – Massimiliano Di Franco (ITA) now are thrird and Priscilla de Bronac – Christian de Bronac now are fourth overall.

  2nd Sesion Results      1st Session Results

Jessica Piafsky – Jacek Kalita

February 1, 2013:

This year’s event is being played by 178 partnerships, after playing the first 26  boards  Jessica Piafsky (USA) – Jacek Kalita (POL) took over the first place with an excellent 70,9%. 

 However, they couldnt manage to get of the second pair, which made 70.7%: Eric Gautrec (FRA) – Bernard Cabanes (FRA). Cabanes Bernard won the 2012 AVIGNON Tournament playing with Philippe Poizat. Gautrec Eric finished third in the Challenge du Soleil from 2011 to 2012.

  At a considerable distance the third pair was Priscilla of Bronac – Christian de Bronac with 63.9%. In fourth place with 63.3% was located an italian partnership: Enrico Catellani (ITA) – Massimiliano Di Franco (ITA).

Michele Bessis
Michele Bessis

The pair number 1: Lionel Sebbane – Michel Bessis (FRA) (recent winner in mid-January of the 4º TGRs Auction Pairs playing with his son Thomas Bessis), finished the day in 15th position with 59.5 %.

J.C. Ventín - F. Angellini
J.C. Ventín – F. Angellini

 The Argentine player Juan Carlos Ventin (ARG) in this ocasion is playing with the Italian player Francesco Angelini (ITA) winner of the  Copa Italia Hombres 2012 one month ago, they finished the first day in the 26th position with 57,8%.

  In the 28th position with 57,6% father and son from Spain Federico Goded (ESP)- Gonzalo Goded Merino (ESP).

F. Goded - J. Ballesté - G. Goded
F. Goded – J. Ballesté – G. Goded


        First five Positions:


Rank     Pareja   Ptos         %            Nombre País
1                70   1419,7   70,9      Jessica Piafsky – Jacek Kalita *
2              181    1415,4   70,7      Eric Gautrec – Bernard Cabanes *
3                65    1280,3  63,9       Priscilla de Bronac – Christian de Bronac *
4              147    1268,9  63,4      Enrico Castellani – Massimiliano Di Franco *
5                 66   1267,6  63,3       Soledad Fabregat – Nuria Sargas

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