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14th World Youth Team Championships: Cursed Diamonds

Diamonds have always seemed to fascinate humans. Maybe we are drawn to the physical allure of looking at prisms that reflect such beautiful light, for others it may be the desire to own an item that is so sought after by others. But for some young bridge players in the WBF 14th World Youth Championships diamonds have been a curse…

Italy-France Board 10 Close room

 Juniors RR14 France – Italy. The match was Italy 26-France 7 when board 10 arrived to the table.

After  a Pass  South opened 1 and Lebattaux entered the bidding with a 5 call. Delle Cave doubled and his partner decided to pass.

 Lead: J

 South won the trick with hisK and continued with 4. Declarer ruffed and played a diamond to the queen, South played his ace and left his hand playing the Q. Declarer won the trick with the king, continued with his trump king and run all his diamonds. Both italian players stayed with only one club each and in the 2 cards end this was the position:

 Declarer only had to play a club to win his contract. +750 for E/W.

  Things were different in the open room:

Italy-France Board 10 Open room

  The bidding begun in the same way but the french player in North decided to pass over the 5 diamonds overcall and his partner reopened the bidding with double. Lhuissier bidded 5…and that was the final contract. 

 Lead: A

 Di Franco won the first trick with his club ace, and continued with a club, but his partner had a heart void so he couldnt ruff . Declarer played trumps and claimed 11 tricks. +650 for N/S.

 So France added +750 with + 650 to gain 16 IMPs in the board.

 The match ended 28-29…15VP for each country.

 Argentina was another country that suffered the 5 diamond curse, in the RR15 against USA1.

  Juniors RR15 Argentina – USA1. Board 6

RR15 Argentina-USA1 Board 6 Open Room
RR15 Argentina-USA1 Board 6 Close Room

  Open Room: After two pass, Ferro(ARG) opened his hand with a 2  FG bid. Dwyer (USA1) compite with a 5 call. After two pass Ferro reopened the bidding with 5NT (please partner choose a slam) and passed after his partners 6 call. Declarer has 13 tricks with any lead. + 1390 for the Argentine players.

  Close Room:  After two pass, Towner opened the hand 1 and Crusizio bidded 4, after two passes Towner reopened the hand with 6now Agica showed his heart control, and Towner choose to play 7. When Garcia da Rosa decided to defend with a 7 overcall, Agica didnt double but change to a spade trump grand slam.

 There are always 13 tricks… +2210 for    USA 1 and 13 IMps. USA 1 was the only team that played the grand slam in this board in the Juniors.  The match ended 51-24…

 China in the youngsters was the only team who declared the 7 spades grand slam in this board, and they were playing against ARGENTINA!!!.


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