The Sporting Group Allegra, with Maria Teresa Lavazza as CNP: Alejandro Bianchedi, Norberto Bocchi, Massimiliano Di Franco, George Duboin, Agustin Madala and Gabriel Zanasi, won the thirteenth edition of the European Champions’ Cup, beating in a hard-fought the German Bamberger Reiter (Michael Gromöller ch., Jörg Fritsche, Helmut Häusler, Andreas Kirmse, Josef Piekarek, Alexander Smirnov). The two teams have landed in the final after settling with a gap of just under 20 IMP their respective semi-final matches.

In the final for the 3rd-4th place the Danes Schaltz (Peter Schaltz ch., Knut Blakset Lars Blakset, Mathias Bruun, Dorthe Schaltz, Martin Schaltz) have easily beaten the French Zaleski (Romain Zaleski Ch., Michel Bessis, Thomas Bessis, Philippe Cronier, Dominique Pilon, Philippe Toffier). (Source: for FIGB by Luca Frola)

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The 13th edition of the European Champions’ Cup was played between November 13th and 15th at the Italian Bridge Federation’s (FIGB) headquarters, located at G. Washington road 33 in Milan, Italy. This was also the home country of the reigning champions, G.S. Allegra (Giancarlo Astore, Norberto Bocchi, Giorgio Duboin, Guido Ferraro, Agustin Madala, Antonio Sementa, and Maria Teresa Lavazza) who defended the title they have been holding for the last three years.

Based on the result of the most recent European Team Championship in the Open series the participants were the National Champion Clubs/Teams from the following NBOs: Bulgaria, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Monaco, Norway, Poland and Sweden in addition to the defending champions. Participants (player by Player) Click here

There were two major changes in the format compared to previous years, undertaken after listening to the wishes of the players themselves.

(1) Rather than dividing the field, for qualifying purposes, into two groups of six teams each there will be a full round-robin of 10-board matches between all twelve teams.

(2) Rather than playing for two full days (Friday and Saturday) plus two half days (Thursday and Sunday) it will be played over three full days, Thursday – Saturday.


1st Team – 5,000 € – EBL Gold Medal – Trophy

2nd Team – 3,000 € – Silver Medal

3rd Team – 2,000 € – Bronze Medal

4th Team – 1,500 €

5th Team – 1,000 €

9th Team – 600 €

The winning Team also received the title of European Champion Club as well as the right to participate in the next edition of the Cup.