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11th European Youth Bridge Pairs Championships

Congratulations to the medal winners in the four events. These were:

Medallistas Juveniles de Parejas Europeos.

Gold Alexandre Kilani & Aymeric Lebatteux (France)
Silver Michal Klukowski & Piotr Zatorski (Poland)
Bronze Kristoffer Hegge & Kristian Stangeland (Norway)
Gold Sigrid Spangenberg & Magdalena Ticha (Netherlands)
Silver Danuta Kazmucha & Natalia Sakowska (Poland)
Bronze Aleksandra Jarosz & Izabela Weinhold (Poland)
Gold Wojciech Kazmierczak & Lukasz Witkowski (Poland)
Silver Tom van Overbeeke & Ricardo Westerbeek (Netherlands)
Bronze Simon Ekenberg & Simon Hult (Sweden)
Gold Bartlomiej Igla & Justyna Zmuda (Poland)
Silver Piotr Zatorski & Joanna Taczewska (Poland)
Bronze Dennis Bilde & Signe Buus Thomsen (Denmark)
President’s Cup
The winners are Kamil Madej and Adam Lonski from Poland 

Thursday, 5 July 2012:  Running Scores:

Youth Pairs Session Results – Cummulative Results
Youngsters Pairs Session Results – Cummulative Results
Girls Pairs Session Results – Cummulative Results

The entries in the Juniors, Girls and Youngsters of 50, 29, and 42 will be cut to 20, 12, and 16 at the end of today. The remainder compete in one field for the President’s Cup. Playing in the Youngsters is Christian Lahrmann aged 9 years and 3 months, in partnership with Soren Bune aged 11 years and 2 months. Even if you add their ages together they almost qualify for the event. And they met the next youngest pair, also from Denmark, of Kira Graversen, 12, & Malene Christensen, 14, to make the youngest table in Zonal history.

First Girls Pairs 5 positions after 4 sessions:

Rank Pair MPs %
  SPANGENBERG S. – TICHA M.   743.00  63.50 
  CHAVARRIA M. – LANZUISI F.   710.00  60.68 
  KAZMUCHA D. – SAKOWSKA N.   700.00  59.83 
  BUTTO F. – COSTA M.   717.00  57.45 
  MORGIEL A. – ROSLON B.   665.00  56.84 

First Youngsters Pairs 5 positions after 4 sessions:

Rank Pair MPs %
  GULCZYNSKI M. – KOWALEWSKI R.   1,163.10  58.16 
  CHARIGNON F. – DU CORAIL E.   1,147.45  57.37 
  BEN DAVID Y. – HERSHFANG D.   1,131.40  56.57 
  OVERBEEKE T. – WESTERBEEK R.   1,115.45  55.77 
  DONATI G. – PERCARIO G.   1,107.45  55.37 

First Youth Pairs 5 positions after 4 sessions:

Rank Pair MPs %
  DI FRANCO M. – ZANASI G.  1,444.68  60.19 
  WACKWITZ E. – WESTERBEEK C.  1,410.05  58.75 
  GULLBERG D. – KARLSSON J.  1,394.08  58.09 
  GANDOGLIA A. – DELLE CAVE G.  1,371.95  57.16 
  JASSEM P. – TUCZYNSKI P.  1,371.63  57.15 
1º European Youth Mixed Pairs winners: Zatorski, Taczewska, Igla, Zmuda, Buus Thomsen, Bilde, and EBL President Yves Aubry

Wednesday, 4 July 2012: Congratulations to Bartlomiej Igla & Justyna Zmuda of Poland who won the gold medal in the first European Youth Mixed Pairs. The silver medal went to their compatriots, Piotr Zatorski & Joanna Taczewska, with bronze to Dennis Bilde & Signe Buus Thomsen of Denmark. The leading Youngster pair was Mikael and Ida Gronkvist
of Sweden.

MIXED FINAL RESULTS first 10 positions

1 ZMUDA Justyna IGLA Bartlomiej POL – POL 61.01
3 BUUS THOMSEN Signe BILDE Dennis DEN – DEN 57.81
4 KAZMUCHA Danuta JASSEM Pawel POL – POL 57.42
5 JAROSZ Aleksandra TUCZYNSKI Piotr POL – POL 56.88
8 SAKOWSKA Natalia KLUKOWSKI Michal POL – POL 55.90
9 LANZUISI Flavia DI FRANCO Massimiliano ITA – ITA 55.52
10 COSTA Margherita DONATI Giovanni ITA – ITA 54.24

All Results: Click here

Tuesday, 3 July 2012:  The championship is at the half-way point of the new event, Mixed Pairs for young people. The field is led by two pairs from Poland, the nation that has won most medals in the past. Next comes the host nation Denmark, followed by the Netherlands, the country providing the biggest group here. For those NOT in the Mixed Pairs an informal tournament has been organised at 2.15pm today. 

First 5 Positions after Session 4

1 ZMUDA Justyna IGLA Bartlomiej POL – POL 61.57
2 KAZMUCHA Danuta JASSEM Pawel POL – POL 60.80
3 BUUS THOMSEN Signe BILDE Dennis DEN – DEN 60.53
4 NAB Judith BOS Berend van den NED – NED 57.79
5 LANZUISI Flavia DI FRANCO Massimiliano ITA – ITA 57.43

All Results: Click here

Monday, 2 July 2012: Yves Aubry, EBL President, declared the 11th European Youth Pairs Championship open last night in front of the field of 104 players who compete in the first EBL Youth Mixed Pairs. The Mixed Pairs is to be held over today and tomorrow on a Barometer format of all-play-all, two boards against each other pair. The Juniors, Girls and Youngsters Pairs start on Wednesday.

This are some of the things Mr Aubry said in his inaugural speech: «It is a great pleasure to recognize the degree of participation to this championship with players coming from 26 countries. A new Mixed category has been added in this championship. 51 pairs are registered and you will compete together during two days in an Endless Howell Barometer movement. Then you will compete in the
three usual categories (Junior, Youngsters and Girls) with a two days qualification session and one day in the final session also in a
Barometer movement.
The last day, all players who fail to qualify to the final will be able to take part in a new Pairs competition with no age, sex or nationality restriction for the President’s Cup.
The European Bridge League is very honoured that His Royal Highness Prince Henrik of Denmark accepted to be the patron of this event.


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