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11th European Bridge Championship Cup 2012. Last Semi-final Set

   Eilat, Israel • 15-18 November 2012  

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Allegra-Monaco 2º Semi Final Set: A Nice Match

No doubt this Eilat Champions Cup brought together many of the best pairs of  the European bridge. This year Italy for being the previous year champion has two teams competing, the two of them are playing different semi-finals. Particularly on one of those semifinals was very attractive VG available for the BBO kibitzers, in one of the teams was playing Fantoni-Nunes and in the other team Bocchi-Madala.

 It is public knowledge that three years ago MT Lavazza, currently the coach of the Italian Open Team Captain, for the European Championship replaced Fantoni-Nunes by Bocchi-Madala. Since then much water has passed under the bridge. Fantunes currently plays for Monaco and Bocchi-Madala for Italy.

 Today in the second set of the semifinal Fantoni-Nunes were playing in N / S and Bocchi-Madala also played in N / S so BBO kibs could watch live what each partnership made with the same 16 boards.

 The first swing was the first board of the match. Bocchi redeclared his suit at the 3 level,  while Fantoni did the same at the 2-level. The cards were placed in such position that there were only 8 tricks, the board cost 4 IMPs to team Allegra.

  The next 3 boards were 8 IMPs for Allegra. In the board 23 both tables declared 4 and both declarers went 2 down. In a table Agustin Madala doubled the final contract while Nunes passed. Another 7 IMPs to Allegra.  Next board was 10 IMPs to Monaco and the following 3 boards produced only one IMP to Monaco.

 In board 28 Multon-Zimmermann played a club partscore and scored +150. At the other table Duboin-Sementa declared game in clubs, with one down, 5 IMPs to Monaco. In the next hand-Zimmermann- Multon chose to play game in spades and was one down, Duboin Sementa made played 3NT, 12 IMPs to Allegra. In the last board of the match Allegra added 2 IMPs while Monaco added 3. The match ended Allegra 29 Monaco 23 and the semifinals were:

                                               Allegra 84-Monaco 52


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