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 This year 30 teams are battling for more than 20.000 Euros prizes.

  October 12: In the third of the 4 Qualifications Rounds the Lavazza Team met the Diamond Team, they played 8 boards. Since the very first board Lavazza showed his supremacy. The match finished Lavazza 38-Diamond 1.

 Board 1 Dealer North Vul None

  Closed Room: Bocchi passed, Platnick opened with a 1 strong and Madala showed his weak and long club suit hand with a 3 bid. Diamond passed and Bocchi supported his partners suit, but after Platnick introduced his heart suit, his partner passed and 4 bought the board. Declarer made 12 easy tricks, when both kings, spades and hearts  behaved OK.

 Open Room:

 Michele Bessis decided to open his hand with a 1 bid. Sementa Doubled, Michele son showed his long clubs and Duboin begun showing his spades. Bessis father supported clubs and Sementa showed his hearts. Thomas realized that something big was coming and tried to cut opps communication with a 5 bid, too late… Duboin with a 5 bid showed his diamond control and hearts support. Sementa declared the heart slam and also finished making 12 tricks but for a 11 IMPs prize.

 Board 3 Dealer South E/W Vul

  Madala opened with a 3 bid, and Diamond doubled. Bocchi watching his spade void decided to use all the safe bidding space he could and supported his partners suit at the 5th level: 5. Platnick passed and passed again over his second partner double.  Two down scored 300 for E/W.

 In the other room: T. Bessis openned his hand as Madala did, and Duboin also doubled but Michele Bessis watching his spade void and considering a heart void in East or West hand took the bull by the horns and bidded 7…Sementa Doubled…asking for his partners silence…also two down but at a cost of 14 IMPs.

 The match ended with a deserved Lavazza Victory.


FRIDAY 12 : Qualifications (15.00 or 20.30) Qualifications Teams may play, at their choice, the afternoon OR the evening session. Formula Swiss, 4 rounds of 8 boards (same formula afternoon & evening). Depending on their ranking, teams should be divided in 2 Groups for the next phase : around 40% to the Tournament A and 60% to the Tournament B).

SATURDAY 13 : Intermediate Phase Formula Swiss, 4 rounds of 8 boards : teams keep all VP won during the Phase of Qualification.  8 teams qualified for the Finals, on Sunday (7 from A & 1 from B, or 6 from A & 2 from B). The other teams play the Classification Groups, on Sunday.

SUNDAY 14 : Final Phase Play-off (Quarter of finals, semi-finals & Final – 16 or 20 boards – KO)