Wroclaw 2016: Plan, Count, Plan By Janice Seamon-Molson

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Watch this video in which Janice tells us how to win a hand…counting ….

On 13 September, 2016 At 15:50

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wroclaw 2016

Source: Wikipedia

Janice Seamon-Molson is an American bridge player. She has won major tournaments under the name Janice Seamon as well. As of July 2015, Seamon–Molson ranked 4th among 73 living women World Grand Masters by world masterpoints (MP) and 21st by placing points that do not decay over time.

Seamon is from North Miami, Florida. She is an attorney and graduated from University of Florida, University of Kansas City, and summa cum laude from Nova University School of Law. As of December 2015, she has won 18 North American Championships, and has 18 seconds. She has also won 3 world

championships (Venice Cup 2003 and 2013; McConnell Cup 2006), finished second twice (Venice Cup 2000; Olympiad 2004), and been third 3 times (Women’s Pairs 2006; Olympiad 2008; McConnell Cup 2014).

At the SportAccord World Mind Games in Beijing, in December 2011, Seamon-Molson won the “Individuals Women” gold medal by achieving the highest score in a series of rounds played with different and generally unfamiliar partners. Not a world championship meet, the SportAccord WMG invited 24 women from Great Britain, France, China, and the U.S. to compete in three small tournaments as four national teams, twelve pairs, and 24 individuals. The six U.S. women also won the team gold medal. Seamon-Molson’s partner was Tobi Sokolow. At the same event in 2012, Seamon-Molson won the team silver medal.

Watch this video in which Janice tells us how to win a hand…counting ….

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