Wroclaw 2013: Daily Play Problem I

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Wroclaw 2013, a Daily play problem from the event bulletins. How do you play the hand?

By Ana Roth
On 13 July, 2013 At 12:39

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W2013 PCD
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Source: 24th European Youth Team Championships Bulletin 1

With a solid trump support and nice top cards North raises the invitational call from South to game even though its minimum values for a 15-17NT. West leads the queen of diamonds, since you are almost sure to lose a diamond and two hearts – how are you going to make the right guess in clubs?

Try to find a solution before you continue reading…


The best chance is to duck the opening lead. West has big problems to know what’s going on and has to shift to hearts immediately. West will most probably continue with diamonds since East is going to encourage a continuation of that suit.
When West continues in diamonds, you jump up with the ace, pull king and ace of trumps and ruff dummy’s last diamond. With spades and diamonds eliminated you can safely exit with a heart and the defense has to open up the clubs or give you a ruff and discard.

The whole hand was:

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