USBC: A Hand From the Round of 16

By Ana Roth • 28 April, 2012

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Gavin Wolpert

   At the end of this article you can find a Postmortem comment from Gavin Wolpert.

Playing the KO phase of the  USBC, in the Round of 16 the Milner team (Milner Reese Milner, Capt Hemant Lall, Justin Lall John Kranyak Gavin Wolpert Kevin Bathurst) faced the Wolfson Team (Wolfson Jeffrey Wolfson, Capt Bart Bramley Chris Willenken Larry Cohen Chris Compton Michael Rosenberg). The Wolfson team, throughout all the set was several IMPs down, but took the lead at the end to win the first set by 5 IMPs.

In one of the tables, Wolfson: Michael Rosenberg-Chris Willenken played against Milner: John Kranyak- Gavin Wolpert

This is what happened in Board 9:

    Rosenberg opened 1NT (strong), Gavin passed, Willenken transfered to spades and Kranyak, showed values and a long and nice club suit. North accepted the transfer but Wolpert did his math’s: 15-17 + partners values + his 9 points…= Williken was broke. So he declared the game: 3NT.

  Lead: 8

 The Q won the trick, Wolpert played his J. 😉 to continue with a little heart. Rosenberg after thinking a lot decided to play his A to continue with his A and a little diamond. Now  Wolpert won the trick in his hand with the Q and played A and K…to claim 11 tricks.

 In the other room, for Wolfson were playing in W/E: Jeffrey Wolfson-Larry Cohen and for Milner: N/S Reese Milner- Capt Hemant Lall

 Milner opened 1NT, Cohen passed and South transfered with 2, Wolfson called 2, takeout, and Milner accepted the transfer with 3… final contract.

 Declarer, could only do 7 tricks, but the hand gave him 11IMPs.

   When the set ended I asked Gavin Via BBO what were his thoughts in the table and this is what he said:

 gavin: well, i was just gambling 3NT, seemed better than defending 3 or bidding4.

gavin: then i dropped the jack of spades just to give myself the extra chance of him rushing to grab the ace of hearts.

gavin: when my right hand opponent had AK,  A,  A it wasn’t going to matter if i dropped the jack of spades,  it was only if my left hand opponent held a diamond honor that I will now make when I couldnt before when he rises with the ace of hearts

gavin: and he will only do it if its the ace of diamonds on my left.

TYVM Gavin and the best for this Trials…


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