USBC a hand from de Semifinal Set 7

By Ana Roth
On 1 May, 2012 At 23:10

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We are pleased that the Milner team has not  WD because it gave us the opportunity to see the great bridge  unfolded by J.Lall-K. Bathurst, playing against Meckwell. You can say it was a generational struggle, because Rodwell-Meckstroth are like bridge parents to Lall and Kevin’s  generation.

  Till board 103 the match was 14-5 for Milner and you could say that the hands did not produce IMPs for one side or the other. But in board 103 Kevin opened 2 clubs showing a limited hand with clubs, they play a strong 1 club system,  and without intervention they reached 3NT. A diamond lead defeats right away, but as Meckwell didn’t open their mouths, the lead was a spade and declarer claimed 9 tricks. At the other table Katz opened 1 club, this call   gave Wolpert  the opportunity to mention his diamond suit, Kranyak doubled the 3 diamonds bid by Nickell asking for a diamond stopper, and they finished playing 5 clubs with two down. The hand gave the team Milner 15 IMPs.

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