USA: 2013 Open Trials

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Entries have now closed and there are 16 teams in the event, two of which have…Photo: Kit Woolsey playing 2012 USBC

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Kit Woolsey
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Source: USBF

  2013 Open Trials: The 2013 USBC will select the USA teams for the 2013 Bermuda Bowl, to be held in Bali, Indonesia, Sept. 16-30, 2013.

 The 2013 USBC will be held at the Buena Vista Palace, in Orlando, FL, starting on Friday, May 31st and probably ending on Monday, June 10th.  Entries have now closed and there are 16 teams in the event, two of which have byes to the Quarterfinal stage. Base on the Conditions of Contest, the ITTC Technical & Advisory Committee has determined that the event will start with a 1.5 day 6 team Round Robin. Four of the teams in the Round Robin will advance to the Round of 16; the other two will be entitled to play in the USA2 bracket starting after the Round of 16. The Round of 16 will be 1.5 days long. The Quarterfinals, Semifinals & Finals will each be 2 days long. The teams in the USBC are seeded based on a combination of Individual Positioning Points, Masterpoints & ACBL Performance Points.  For information about seeding points click here.

These are the 16 teams, (includes their seeding position): (Click in the team name to read about the players)


Bye to Rnd of 8

Martin Fleisher, Capt 
Zia Mahmood 
Michael Rosenberg 
Michael Kamil 
Chip Martel 
Chris Willenken 


Bye to Rnd of 8

Frank Nickell, Capt 
Eric Rodwell 
Bobby Levin 
Ralph Katz 
Jeff Meckstroth 
Steve Weinstein 


John Diamond, Capt 
Eric Greco 
Brian Platnick 
Geoff Hampson 


Mark Gordon, Capt 
David Berkowitz 
Jacek Pszczola 
Pratap Rajadhyaksha 
Alan Sontag 
Michael Seamon 


Warren Spector, Capt 
Fred Gitelman 
Joe Grue 
Michael Becker 
Brad Moss 
Curtis Cheek 


Robert Blanchard, Capt 
Joel Wooldridge 
Justin Lall 
Shane Blanchard 
John Hurd 
Robert Hamman 


Jim Mahaffey, Capt 
Gary Cohler 
Marc Jacobus 
Brian Glubok 
Sam Lev 
Mike Passell 


Reese Milner, Capt 
Neil Chambers 
Chris Compton 
Hemant Lall 
John Schermer 
Eddie Wold 


John Kranyak, Capt 
Kevin Dwyer 
Gavin Wolpert 
Kevin Bathurst 


Howard Weinstein, Capt 
Larry Robbins 
Mark Feldman 
Ross Grabel 
Nikolay Demirev 
Bill Pollack 


Jeff Aker, Capt 
Barry Rigal 
Dennis Clerkin 
Doug Simson 
Glenn Milgrim 
Jerry Clerkin 


Alex Kolesnik, Capt 
Bob Etter 
David Yang 
Jim Munday 
Robert Morris 
Greg Hinze 


Martin Harris, Capt 
David Grainger 
Jacob Morgan 
Tom Carmichael 


Steve Robinson, Capt 
Kit Woolsey 
Roger Lee 
Peter Boyd 
Fred Stewart 
Adam Kaplan 


Uday Ivatury, Capt 
Lapt Chan 
Andrew Rosenthal 
Christal Henner 
Sheri Winestock 
Aaron Silverstein 


Franco Baseggio, Capt 
Ai-Tai Lo 
Walter Lee 
Andrew Stark 
Alan Schwartz 
Jiang Gu 

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