Two Minutes with Margherita Chavarria by Angie Bach

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I am here en Barcelona on vacations, and playing the Barcelona Open Tournament

By Angie Bach
On 13 February, 2014 At 11:18

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Barcelona, February 10 2014

Margherita Chavarria, a World Youth Pairs Champion in Atlanta 2013, today is part of the Italian Ladies Team that will represent Italy in the next European Championship: Margherita Chavarria-Francesca Piscitelli, Caterina Ferlazzo Gabriella Manara, Simonetta Paoluzi-Ilaria Saccavini. With only 21 years, she and her partner won the last Club Rosa competition and so they won the right to be part of the Italian ladies team adventures.

Margherita Chavarria y su partner

Hello Margherita! Fernando Lema the CsbNews editor, told me he was a friend of your father and that you were a bridge champion!

Yes, that is true…I am here en Barcelona on vacations, and playing the Barcelona Open Tournament

-¿This handsome man is your boyfriend or only your partner?

YES he is very handsome…and my boyfriend and my partner 😆 

Margherita Chavarria y Giorgia Botta

Margherita Chavarria y Giorgia Botta

Fernando also told me that you played the Youth World Championships in Atlanta 2013, what can you tell me about it?

 I had a great time there, I played with Giorgia Botta, and we won the Ladies Pairs World Championship U-26.

 It grabs my attention… you are so young  🙂 -¿How old are you?

 I am 21, and I play bridge since I have 10.

¡My god, since 10! Your life is devoted to bridge as a sport?

 Yes I am a professional bridge player, I also teach a little, but basically I travel the world playing bridge.


en elMundial de San Pablo 2009

¿Do you have some bridge heroes?

Lorenzo Lauria and Alfredo Versace.

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