Tromso 2015: Sixth Day

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Yesterday was a rainy and cold day, so if you see the photos observe that all are well sheltered. Photo: Cem Tokay with Fernandou…

T 2015 Sem Tokay y fernando
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7th European Open Championships

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July 3, 2015 Tromso Norway

Yesterday was a rainy and cold day, so if you see the photos observe that all are well sheltered.

Cronier Willard

Cronier – Willard

 The event is ongoing and at this moment the players are playing the final of the Mixed Pairs Championship where Sylvie Willard and Phillipe Cronier have a lead of only 0.08 over their closest pursuers, we will see today if this strong French pair managed to stay in the place of honor and achieve the victory. They were eventually the winners of the championship.
Morten Bilde

Morten Bilde

Last night The EBL organized a duplicate exclusively for the staff members. It was used the new system and the director was the famous World Grand Master: Morten Bilde.
I played with my teammate Arianna Testa and was fun to see with the cards in their hands some of the most famous bridge directors in the world, including all the EBL authorities.
Yves Aubrey

Yves Aubrey

About the new system I must say that it is fantastic!!!. It is a small robot that goes in the middle of the table, it is like a board, with the vulnerability and the dealer but also duplicates the hands at the same time, which can be played with the “barometer” system without the need to have a set of boards for each table.
The tournament was a curious Howell movement, where north / south circulated in one direction and east / west in the opposite direction, this device also indicated the table where you should play, and the players who should sit on each round, all this was possible thanks to the software it uses.
T 2015  aparato
Two minutes after the tournament finished, already everybody knew who had won, I felt fantastic !.
I think it is an excellent step forward for bridge and especially for the clubs, not more boards or duplication machines.
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