Tromso 2015: A Matter of Tempo and Who Knows Goes

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Two boards from the Mixed Pairs European Championship

T 2015 Patchman con Migry
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7th European Open Championships

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July 2, 2015 Tromso Norway

 A Matter of Tempo

In bridge, tempo refers to the timing advantage of being on lead, thus being first to initiate one’s play strategy to develop tricks for one’s side.



Final, Session 4; Board 8, Dealer West, Vulnerable None

West passed in all the tables. Some players in North opened 1 and others chose to open with 2. 6 are cold in N/S beacuse the diamond suitA singleton, this gives the decalrer the “tempo” to play clubs (the K finesse is on) and pitch his diamond losers.

tablilla 8  de F 4 de 10 Mesa 24 zaleski aaaa

After Zaleski 2 opening bid, M. Cornell showed his hearts with 3heart suit and Olivieri competed with 3. West closed the heart game and Zaleski closed the spade one. When Cornell went to the fifth level with 5heart suit, the other Cornell closed the slam.

Olivieri led her A winning the first trick. His partner’s opening lead, 2, didnt make him as a favorite for the A, so she tried another spade, the Q, this  gave the declarer a timing advantage: he ruffed in dummy, and he could play diamonds to throw his club losers in the fourth and fifth diamond. 6heart suit done. 100 %

At other table:

West North East South
Hetz Shi Patchman Tian
1 3heart suit Dble
5heart suit 6diamond suit Pass 6
All Pass

Shi opened the same hand with 1 and  now was Patchman that jumped to three hearts, Tian doubled and Hetz denied the 4th level to his opps, saying 5 hearts. North showed another option to his partner and Tian correct to spades, all pass.

East led the heart suitA, declarer ruffed, played a spade to the Q, and continued playing the Q. When this stand, he continued with a club the J, and after winning this trick too he draw trumps, played a club to his A and continued with a diamond, when East produced the singleton ace, declarer claimed 12 tricks . 6 done = 100%.

Only 8 of the 26 tables that played this hand, played spade contracts, only one of them played at the slam level. Various played 5 (three of them: doubled). 13 tables played in 5heart suit, done only twice.

The one who knows, goes

An old bridge-playing sage once said:

“The one who knows, goes.” After partner has described his hand and you know what the final contract should be, bid it! The one who knows, goes!.

Sesión 5 de la Final; Board 13, Dador North, Vulnerable None

T 2015 tab 13  F5 de 10

Blaagestad opened 1diamond suit, and after listening his partner showing his spade suit, response jumped to 3diamond suit…Fredin with three ases and the club king, realized that his partner jump, was showing the kings and said 6NT.T 2015 tab 13  F5 de 10 1

At other table, Kutuk also opened 1diamond suit but only rebided 2diamond suit lthis led the partnership to a 3NT contract.

18 of the 26 tables played 3NT in this board, one table played 4 and the other tables played slam (spade or diamond).

Fredin and Blaagestad was the only pair that played in no trumps.

Open the subtitles if you dont understand (click on cc in the video):

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