Tromso 2015: A Little Visited Slam

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So we do not hesitate and went to Pter Fredin’s BBO table, where board 7 was just beginning:

Meike Wortel, Christina Lund Madsen
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June 27, 2015 Tromso Norway

While the Aurora Forecast for Saturday, June 27, 2015 was low, in Tromso Norway was the Mixed Teams European Championship kick off, with 87 teams in the field. (All the teams Click Here).

Peter Fredin

Peter Fredin

In the first session of June 20, 2013 in the European Mixed Team Championships 2013 in Ostend 2013 Fredin from Sweden, in one of the boards, after two pass, opened his 3 points hand with 1NT, his opps did not reach the slam and he added 16 IMPs for his team Click Here, so we do not hesitate and went to his BBO table, where board 7 was just beginning:

T2015 EM R5 M7

 Blaagestad Fredin’s partner, opened 1st seat with 1heart suit, and with no opps intervention the bidding continued 1spade suit by Fredin. South chose to rebid 2heart suit and Fredin made a 3diamond suit forcing bid, showing his second suit, South continued supporting diamonds with 4diamond suit and Fredin’s torture must have begun …with no club stopper he couldnt ask for  keycards, but not resigned to just declare the diamond game, he risked a 4heart suit cuebid. His partner didnt understand him, and passed, scoring +420. At the other table their opps played 5diamond suit so another push…

What happened with this hand in the other tables ?. Only 25 of the 87 tables played the slam, very few tables arrived to the Grand Slam. These were the auctions in two of the tables who arrived to the slam:

T2015 EM R5 M7 a T2015 EM R5 M7 bs

In the first table Kitty Cooper also chose to show her 6 hearts first, but as soon as she heard that his partner’s second suit was diamonds she said 4club suit, showing diamond support and club control. At the other table South chose to rebid diamonds, which led the partnership comfortably to the diamond slam.

No doubt that a  2diamond suit rebid or a 4club suit call instead of 4diamond suit, would have helped Fredin to find what he was looking.

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