The Squeeze (Part IV)

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Definite Procedure in Squeeze Hand Play Told by Expert, Sam Gordon.

By Ana Roth
On 28 November, 2015 At 18:32

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The Spokesman-Review – 5 Oct 1936

Definite Procedure in Squeeze Hand Play Told by Expert. By SAM GORDON.


Calling all cards. Calling all’cards. Calling all cards needed for a squeeze hand. Set aside the three cards involved in the actual ‘squeeze. Then go to the other 10 cards. Investigate them to see if they contain enough reduction winners. That’s all. The three squeeze involved cards consist of two winners and one promotion card. Of these, the two winners consist of a squeeze card in one hand and an entry card in the opposite hand. The promotion card consists of a loser to be promoted into a winner. Reduction winners are cards which will take tricks for declarer from among the first 10 tricks, as the hands are being reduced to the ‘three cards left for the actual, squeeze.

Reduction winners added to the three squeeze involved cards will total the number of tricks you can take with a squeeze play. If this total is the number of tricks contracted for, the contract can be made. Any additional reduction winners will take extra tricks. All the reduction winners are, winners, but only two of the three squeeze involved cards are winners. Which gives us this rule: The total number of winners needed in a squeeze hand is one less than the sum of the tricks to be taken, because the promotion card produces a trick. Practice this concentrated rule on the above simple squeeze again.

The contract is four hearts. South, is declarer. West takes the first, two tricks with the ace and king of diamonds. The third diamond round is ruffed by South. You have a squeeze card in South with an odd trump. You have a sure entry in North with the ace of clubs, and a choice for a promotion card with the five of diamonds or the eight spot of clubs. That makes up your three squeeze involved, tricks.

The enemy threat cards must be in the opponent who plays after the squeeze card, which is West. It is now only a question of whether, you have enough total winners in your combined hands, inclusive of the reduction winners and the ‘squeeze winners. You have one winner with the trump used for ruffing the third diamond, five more trump winners; one winner with the ace of clubs. Total 10 winners.

Needing 10 tricks for the contract; needing one less winner than the tricks needed; having 10 winners, which is one winner more: than needed, you should be able to take an extra trick with the squeeze play and you will.

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