The Moysian Fit

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Mr. Alphonse Moyse Jr. advocated the opening of a 4-card Major suit

By Ana Roth
On 26 January, 2013 At 16:31

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Sonny Moyse
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MOYSIAN FIT by BridgeGuys

Mr. Alphonse Moyse Jr. advocated the opening of a 4-card Major suit, and supporting the rebid of his partner with only 3-card support. He also believed this to be the case even after the opponents have entered the bidding auction. A good example of the Moysian Fit is below.

North East Moyse West
Pass Pass
Pass Pass    

Mr. Alphonse Moyse Jr. was also convinced that there was no significance attached to the vulnerability or position at the table. As the viewer can surmise from the cards in the example above, a contract of 5 Clubs does not make. However, with inference from the auction, the contract of 4 Spades can be made.

West leads the King of Diamonds. which holds. West leads another Diamond after East signals to continue. The defense takes the first 2 Diamond tricks, and East returns a Diamond. South ruffs in his hand, and leads a trump to the 10 of Spades in Dummy. South returns a trump to his King. East holds up twice. South then attacks the Clubs. West follows suit three times, and East discards since there is no advantage to be gained by trumping.

South leads another Club and West ruffs, and South overruffs in Dummy. South then leads a Heart to his Queen, and continues by leading a Club. East ruffs with the Ace of Spades, leads a Diamond which South ruffs. The trumps are all out, the opponents have three tricks, South is in the lead, and all the Clubs are good, which fulfills the contract.


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