The 2014 Camrose Trophy

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By Ana Roth
On 9 March, 2014 At 11:30

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England Camrose with trophy
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The Camrose Trophy or “The Camrose” is an annual bridge competition among open teams representing the home nations of Great Britain and Ireland: England (EBU), Northern Ireland (NIBU), Republic of Ireland (CBAI), Scotland (SBU) and Wales (WBU). As such it is the open teams-of-four component of the “Home Internationals” organised by Bridge Great Britain. Since 2005 a double round-robin is scheduled on two weekends. With six teams, each weekend comprises five rounds of three head-to-head matches, a single round-robin. A match is now 32 deals scored at IMPs and converted to victory points (VP). So every team plays 320 deals in the entire event, 64 against each of its rivals.

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The second weekend of the Camrose competition is taking place in Manchester on 7th to 9th March 2014.

Results Sunday March 9th: ENGLAND WON THE 2014 CAMROSE; England the 2013 Camrose Champion

England Camrose with trophy

England Camrose with trophy

Interesting Boards: 1st match    Interesting Boards: 2nd match

Last results:

    NI Wales EBU   England Ireland 1st WE Total
1  England  12,95 17,96 11,27 16,35   14,09 49,8 121,42
2  N Ireland    18,45 12,42 7,95 7,05 12,78 55,7 114,35
3  EBU  7,58 16,46   17,21 8,73 15,37 47,35 112,7
4  Ireland  7,22 17,87 4,63 15,1 5,91   58,61 109,34
5  Scotland  12,05 6,38 2,79   3,65 4,9 58,29 88,06
6  Wales  1,55   3,54 13,62 2,04 2,13 28,25 51,13


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Camrose 1st Weekend

10th Jan 2014
Camrose 1st Weekend
Metropole, Llandindrod Wells
10,11 & 12 January

Metropole Hotel, Llandrindod Wells, Powys, LD1 5DY Appeal Chairman: Patrick Jourdain

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