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The Bridge Road Warriors: South Dakota

By GS Jade Barrett • 10 November, 2013

GS Jade Barrett

Many a player has lost sleep over a hand, myself included. Over 45 years of competition I have learned that….

Convention: WHIRLWIND Part I by GS Jade Barrett

By GS Jade Barrett • 30 October, 2013

GS Jade Barret

Invented by GS Jade Barrett June 1991, this has proven to be a very successful Strong Club Defense.

The Bridge Road Warriors: Torrance

By GS Jade Barrett • 18 October, 2013


The constant facing of the same opponents occurs at smaller tournaments, and the vigilant player may suddenly gain an insight to a weakness in his opposition’s style or system that will allow him to gain an advantage in the future.

Video: Simon Fellus interviews GS.Jade Barrett Part 1

By Ana Roth • 8 October, 2013

GS Jade Barrett & Simon Fellus

An excellent interview, where Tournament Bridge Services CEO GS Jade Barrett’s…on the state of the game and the future of bridge…

The Bridge Road Warriors: Monroe, Louisiana

By GS Jade Barrett • 8 October, 2013

GS Jade Barrett

Every once in a while a team just does nothing wrong. Our Great American Bridge Tour team…

The Bridge Road Warriors: Cleveland, Ohio

By GS Jade Barrett • 30 September, 2013


This past weekend reinforced my belief of the existence of close connection between music and bridge.

The Bridge Road Warriors: South Dakota

By GS Jade Barrett • 19 September, 2013

GS Jade Barrett 3

Many players fall into the trap of self defeat. They are leading an event and begin to question their right to win, much less their ability to do so.

The Bridge Road Warriors: Taos Regional 2013

By GS Jade Barrett • 16 September, 2013

Great American Bridge Tour Equipo

The TOUR always dines together on closing night to remember that we are a family as well as a team. From left to right Jim Looby, Jeff Roman and James “Jake” Jacobson enjoying the closing dinner at Andiamo in Sante Fe, New Mexico.

The Bridge Road Warriors: 2013 Orange County

By GS Jade Barrett • 8 September, 2013


When you spend as much time on the road as we do, eventually someone will have to track down a Wash, Dry and Fold, or break down and just do it themselves.

The Bridge Road Warriors: Santa Clara Regional 2013

By GS Jade Barrett • 2 September, 2013


The Road Warriors of the bridge world are considered lucky by many of the peers. They are frequently told how great it is to being doing what they love to do as a job.