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Guessing and Finessing by Terence Reese

By Terence Reese • 24 February, 2017


No one can make a King sit on the right side of a Queen, but when there is a choice of plays a good player will almost always find some indication, however slight.

Master Play in Bridge by Terence Reese

By Terence Reese • 24 April, 2015

Terence Reese

This article is concerned with one of the most important and least analysed forms of defensive play, the attack on entries before declarer can use them.

Study those Early Discards by Terence Reese

By Terence Reese • 30 January, 2015

Terence Reese

My advice is to study the early discards and consider this point:

Entries Managment by Terence Reese & Rogel Trezel

By Terence Reese • 19 June, 2014

Reese & Trezel

Many contract depend on a particular card being in the hand of the righ opponent. Even so…

Tactical Moves in Play by Terence Reese

By Terence Reese • 3 June, 2014

Terence Reese

Trump coup: Where a defender’s trump tricks are curtailed or made to disappear altogether.

Those Extra Chances in Bridge

By ferlema • 3 May, 2014

Reese & Trezel

Sometimes it is not easy to work out the only distriburion fo the adverse cards that will provide a chance for the contract.

What Counts in Play by Terence Reese

By Terence Reese • 2 January, 2014

Terence Reese

Good players differ from average players mostly in this: that the good player tries to play all fifty-two cards, and the average player plays only the twenty-six which he can see.

Blocking and Unblocking by Terence Reese & Roger Trézel

By ferlema • 13 December, 2013

Terence Reese

Never play a card automatically. Always look ahead and consider what is likely to happen. This salutary advice will help you to make the right play on a hand such as the following:

Deceptive Plays by Terence Reese

By Terence Reese • 14 November, 2013

Terence Reese

There are several ways of inducing opponents to continue a suit to your advantage.

Terence Reese and The Nude

By Marty Bergen • 12 November, 2013

Terence Reese

Concentration in Bridge!

One of the characteristics that distinguishes the expert from the merely average player is the ability to concentrate.
Do you ever spend …