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Trust Your Partner By Shepard Barclay

By Ana Roth • 12 April, 2017

Bridge cartoon miss

TREATING your partner as if he doesn’t know his business is just as witless in bridge as in the workaday world.

Blackwood on Bridge By Easley Blackwood

By Ana Roth • 20 March, 2017

“I still want to know, said Mr. Champion. “how you managed to lose four tricks on this hand.”

Reducing the Opponent’s ruffing power! By Liam Milne

By Ana Roth • 13 March, 2017

bridge cartoon strategy

You might have heard the advice “lead trumps against doubled part-scores”. This is usually …

Their weak spot By A. Sheinwold

By Ana Roth • 3 March, 2017

When the opponents bid three suits but never suggest NT you may usually assume; that the unbid suit is their weak spot.

The rule of fourteen By Phillip Alder

By Phillip Alder • 5 February, 2017

Defense is considered by most players to be the hardest part of the game. …When does defense begin?

Listen to the bidding By Alfred Sheinwold

By Ana Roth • 31 January, 2017

'My wife said I don't listen to her. At least I think that's what she said.'

In most civilized countries you’re allowed to listen to the bidding. You’re even allowed to use your brains to understand what you hear. West, no listener…

The blind lead By Oswald jacoby

By Ana Roth • 29 January, 2017

cartoon blind

The toughest opening lead is the blind lead against a no-trump contract.

False Advertising By J. Jacoby

By Ana Roth • 24 January, 2017

For much of his life Grant Baze was simply a winning rubber-bridge player in tough San Francisco clubs and a strong competitor in North American Championship tournaments.

More The Theory of Opening Lead By Krzysztof Martens

By Ana Roth • 24 January, 2017

High level of opening leading can be achieved solely by means of clear and simple in its forms, logical thinking. H. Kelsey

The Leads against No Trump Bid… Table of Leads

By Ana Roth • 11 January, 2017

Experience has shown that the best defense against a No Trump contract is the opening of your longest suit, in the hope that it will prove the….