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Conventions: OBAR BIDS

By Ana Roth • 12 June, 2017

OBAR BIDS – Acronym for Opponents Bid And Raise – Balance In Direct Seat. Popularized by Larry Cohen in …

Conventions: Bourke Relay

By Ana Roth • 8 June, 2017

Jumping to 3NT may be your first instinct, but this is a bit premature. Imagine if partner has these type of hands:

Ask Jerry: Surely there is more about redouble…

By Jerry Helms • 31 May, 2017

Dear Jerry, As a result of a recent disaster it is clear to me that I do not understand what responder should do after…

Conventions: The Thrump Double By Marty Bergen

By Marty Bergen • 29 May, 2017

Instead of describing the thrump double, the decision was made to quote the author. The following description is by Mr. Marty Bergen, (website), who invented and devised the thrump double and …

An unknown Drury trick By Mike Lawrence

By Mike Lawrence • 5 February, 2017

"...But if you'd led back a heart instead of that spade..."

Many players use Drury, an excellent convention. This article will discuss an aspect of Drury that doesn’t get discussed much. It occurs when your opponents use Drury.

Can The Michaels Cuebid be Improved? By Marilyn Hemenway

By Marilyn Hemenway • 2 February, 2017

"Gentlemen - raise your glasses'

Most of you are probably familiar with the convention known as a Michaels cuebid. It was invented by Mike Michaels many years ago and…

Jump Shifts – Strong or Weak?

By Ana Roth • 2 February, 2017

'Why yes, I have been bungee jumping!'

Originally all jump shifts were strong – promising at least game going values, usually slam interest. Then came the era of….

A valuable convention

By Ana Roth • 26 January, 2017

South dealer; North-South vulnerable.

* Artificial and forcing
Opening lead — 3
When a player not on lead doubles a slam voluntarily reached by the opponents, the …

Flip-Flop Flannery Convention by Neil H. Timm

By Neil H. Timm • 12 January, 2017

When partner opens 2NT or after the bid of 2C, many partnerships employ the Puppet (3C) Stayman Convention to try to find…

Odd bidding problems, part 2 By Mike Lawrence

By Mike Lawrence • 6 January, 2017


North opened 3C and East passed. What should South be thinking?