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The Hold up by John Brown

By ferlema • 9 July, 2017


The aim of the hold up is lead or tempo-value reduction: The object is to reduce the value of possibe entry-tempi in one opponent’s hand.

Replay these hands with me By Peter Goodman

By Ana Roth • 6 June, 2017

Today’s hand builds on our recent theme of planning your play before playing to trick 1 (and re-planning at about trick 3 or 4 if the play provides further information).

The Devil’s Coup – well, almost By Zia Mahmood

By Zia Mahmood • 31 May, 2017

Zia mahmood Chennai 2015

Today’s deal from the final of the NEC Cup 2010 featured something akin to the Devil’s Coup.

Hold-Up Plays and Dangerous Hand in NT by Maritha Pottenger

By Ana Roth • 31 May, 2017

bridge cartoon fallar el as ing

The purpose of a hold-up play is to exhaust one defender of cards in a particular suit. This is especially true at no trump. Once one opponent…

Playing for the only hope By Mike Lawrence

By ACBL • 31 May, 2017

cartoon hope

This deal is a curiosity piece. I am showing all four hands at once because there are interesting issues for both sides.

The philosophical approach By Steve Becker

By Ana Roth • 29 May, 2017

cartoon filosofia 1

It is often said that the mark of a good player is his ability to correctly guess two-way finesses for queens. While this is certainly a measure of a player’s skill, an even better…

Between 50 and 75 by Fernando Lema

By ferlema • 26 May, 2017

A few days ago I found the following card play which I found very instructive.

The One Card Keystone By Ely Culbertson

By Ana Roth • 23 May, 2017

cartoon eye contact

The known location of one card often is the keystone on which declarer’s entire plan of play should be based.

Bridge Lesson By Oswald Jacoby

By Ana Roth • 13 April, 2017

bridge cartoon please

You all know the kind of player who wants to play every hand. As your partner, he will bid one suit after another if he lacks support for your suit. And if he…

Goren on Bridge

By Charles Goren • 12 April, 2017

South should have taken out protection against a bad trump break which under the circumstances was no less remote a prospect.