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2012 Monaco Patton: Last news

By Ana Roth • 16 October, 2012


Team Lavazza wins the INTERNATIONAL TEAMS TOURNAMENT 2012: MONTE CARLO 12, 13 & 14 october 2012 SPORTING d’HIVER…Prizes. 20.000 €

2012 Monaco Patton: A Hard Push

By Ana Roth • 14 October, 2012


Two of the best known European sponsors are ZZ = Zimmermman-Zaleski. Their match was a hard push.

2012 Monaco Patton: Lavazza vs M.O.

By ferlema • 13 October, 2012


October 13: During the BBO transmission of the Patton of Monaco 3rd match of the day, the team Lavazza faced the team M.O. After the first six boards, which were favorable to the team MO the match was: 18-1, when the board 7 arrived to the table.

2012 Montecarlo Patton: Lavazza vs Diamond

By Ana Roth • 12 October, 2012

Equipo Lavazza, Foto Elisabeth van Ettinger para NewInBridge

October 12: Lavazza Team met the Diamond Team, they played an 8 boards match. Foto by Elisabeth van Ettinger for NewInbridge